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    flickr page now "up and running" www.flickr.com/photos/silkyselina808/
    It is "restricted" so you need to sign in I believe.
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    Aristoc Point Heel Fully Fashioned - Manhattans

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  1. There is a site called SHQ Stockings and heels for all to view Some with seams, and some without The finest legs without a doubt. Fully fashioned at their best A pleasure to behold All for us to admire If I may be so bold. Many look upon this site with pleasure And pass comments as such A few kind words make it worthwhile Surely it's not asking too much. Everyone has different views But stockings are our passion We all remember the halcyon days When seams were all the fashion. Alas some people are so sad They try and spoil it for the rest We try our hardest to ignore Though 'tis difficult at best. The Trolls – you know just who you are So bitter and misguided They must live such pathetic lives To be pitied, not derided. Forget them now, let us move on Return to the matter in hand. The love of seams, stockings and heels. Some people never understand. To all who take the time to post Ride the vitriol and scorn Do not be put off by the few It is a pleasure to “ adorn “ Lou Lou x