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  1. Wow, this is older school for sure! Could be 1980 so I'll say the ladies from Boston know their stuff. I'd guess this shop was there many years earlier also? First off we are looking at an Alberts & Primrose Hosiery shop on a cobblestone street. We had the exact same shops on the South side! These were very popular stores and were all over everywhere. Look at the Soul Sister! Look between the bottom of her hair and her right shoulder. There is the beginning of a capitol "P" there. Now look just below her shoulder! See the "mrose"! Gives us Primrose! It could very well be a WoolWorth store or a Vintage G.Fox building in the Hartford, Connecticut area. Which is close enough to Boston because the Fox company expanded all over the east. The man and woman walking offer some 1965-1980 hints. The man has the longer hair of the Beatles days. The woman appears to be wearing some type of sandals and balloon pants with a no sleeve blouse. Kind of a Hippie look? Looks like she's having a smoke or blowin a bone? That was Detroit lingo for a cigarette or reefer! It's a great photo that lit the fires of my youth! I lived this in Chicago! This is beyond Excellent! It's hosiery history! Many Thanks leggypat!