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  1. I looked at your photo and thought to myself, "These Look Like My Stocking Feet" I'm a 5 1/2 to 6 shoe size. What size is your wife? So you remember Caruska! Elmer Batters said she had the most perfect feet he ever photographed. He's one of the reasons we all love stockings and sexy stocking feet. I'm going to have my husband look up some older photos. Honestly your lady has beautiful feet! You lucky fella! And I know she knows she's a lucky lady! Right On!
  2. Happened in 1962 when I was eleven years old. I wore my first pair of ff seamed stockings and my legs and ego experienced an instant transformation that has lasted up to this very day. From Bobby Socks to Stockings and I've never turned back! Amen To That!
  3. You Look Fantastic In Your Tartan Skirt. Carry On My Dear And I Will Second The Motion !
  4. Many Thanks Dear Friend! I would Adorn for you any day. I assure you your thread is great! Rest assured that there is at least one 66 year old woman that says, "Stockings Are Great" Keep the Faith! You did a great job here! Susan
  5. Hi Augustus and thanks for the video. I got stuck at the "1950's" part. I know you have nothing to do with the video but in all my 1950's memories I never saw Panti-Legs. I see the "100 Years Of Pantyhose Glamour" is the title. Perhaps it should have been called as Mr Frederick called it, "Hosiery Glamour" It's cute but not quite historically correct. I'm going to call on "Karen" our Hosiery History Professional to ask for her input. It's a great video though! Hope you are doing well! Susan
  6. I wore my first seamed stockings in summer of 1962. I was 11 years old. I wore rh&t stockings in high school, 1966 to 1969, ages 15 to 19. I got married in 1971. I wore Triumph dark brown ff seamed stockings. I'm 66 now and I wore black ff seams today with black patent slides by Fabulicious with Liverpool jeans from Zappos.