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    My husband and i have been married for a long time..he finds me as sexy now as he did when we first met, when we were teenagers. I first wore stockings when i was 17 and wear them still, though i prefer tights. We would like to probably chat with like minded couples who enjoy their wives in stockings, hold-ups heels and sexy girdles. We dont mind chatting and the intention is to put up photos that he takes of me on this site. ...I find it quite thrilling to read your comments. Thank you.
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  1. Voyeurism issue - Upskirt law

    I would like to think that a real man wouldn't do that. It is distasteful.
  2. Stocking happenings.

    You missed Pickering War Weekend in October.
  3. War on the line

    Pickering War Weekend is also very good. Thousands turn up. Usually it's in October.
  4. Actually bought a pair for my wedding day in the late 70s. Very sheer. Unfortunately the shop has since closed.