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    Many and varied, but mainly stockings and suspenders:) Also making sure my legs are looking good:)
    I am a long-time crossdresser, off again, on again, mainly on! I do love wearing stockings with pretty sexy underwear.
    I'm also very chatty, online if not in real life. PC is fine, but please no 'wot u wearing' type. I particularly like chatting
    with other CD/TV and women..Married, but my Mrs is okayish with me dressing and if in chat I'm usually at least in lingerie. I don't mind you perving at my gallery pics, that's what they're there for, but please consider leaving a comment? Peace and love xx

    Happy in stockings!

    Apart from when our cat is eyeing my legs with a view to stropping her claws on my stockings..
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    Charnos 24/7

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