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  1. CD.. cross dresser, TV.. transvestite, GF.. Gender fluid. This is not about labels... I’m curious to know with changing attitudes how you regard yourself, if, like me, you have male genitalia, but.... repeatedly dress as a woman (regardless of how often or how seldom).... are you just a guy that enjoys dressing up? Or.... is there something in your being.. that makes you need to feel feminine, or something missing in your life?. There is, of course, the whole gamut, from trying out drag for a party once, through to transgenderism. I’m interested in those, who, like me are in the middle. I tried wearing some stuff one day. Liked it. Tried a bit more. Liked it more. So... I reluctantly faced up, and admitted to myself that I was now, embarrassingly.... a cross dresser. I felt some shame about that. Now, of course, I see it is more complicated. Now I realise that, there is something in me that I want to express and enjoy. It is not merely a fetish. I have no wish to change gender. I am happy with who and what I am. However... I still puzzle over the apparent strangeness of what I do. So... to the point... I’d love to hear your story and..... more importantly.....if you are like me, in the middle... see if you have any insight to offer! Are we really... 'gender fluid' ?