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  1. Where are you on the scale?

    Thanks for your stories, seems like a common thread running through it all. I identified with so much that everyone has said so far, and that is a nice feeling!
  2. Got a new pair of beautiful flatties for shopping, or just spending the whole day in. Supremely comfortable, yet elegant they are such a find. Grey soft kidskin body, low flat heels, black patent toecap and black patent bow. I found a nice casual top to shop in also (as in the photo here), but lunching out, I contrived to spill something on it and had to spend the rest of the day trying to hide the ugly stain! . Managed to snap a selfie in the lady's changing rooms here.
  3. Away again for two days. Shopping and night out. Staying in an hotel, without any Male clothing, I still worry terribly about what I’d do in the middle of the night if the fire alarm goes off! Somehow I manage to forget to plan for that every time I do it! Here I am again... happily there was no fire alarm. A day shopping for dresses and skirts. Wearing flatties and a skirt and simple top makes for easier trying on stuff in the lady's changing rooms. Then back to the hotel. Change into a dress and heels, and hit the bar for a drink or two, hoping to get away with showing a little more thigh than is prudent! I recall when I first started dressing how much I shrank away if anyone so much as glanced at me. Now I’m annoyed if nobody looks me up and down! Haha. Here’s my outfit for dinnner.
  4. CD.. cross dresser, TV.. transvestite, GF.. Gender fluid. This is not about labels... I’m curious to know with changing attitudes how you regard yourself, if, like me, you have male genitalia, but.... repeatedly dress as a woman (regardless of how often or how seldom).... are you just a guy that enjoys dressing up? Or.... is there something in your being.. that makes you need to feel feminine, or something missing in your life?. There is, of course, the whole gamut, from trying out drag for a party once, through to transgenderism. I’m interested in those, who, like me are in the middle. I tried wearing some stuff one day. Liked it. Tried a bit more. Liked it more. So... I reluctantly faced up, and admitted to myself that I was now, embarrassingly.... a cross dresser. I felt some shame about that. Now, of course, I see it is more complicated. Now I realise that, there is something in me that I want to express and enjoy. It is not merely a fetish. I have no wish to change gender. I am happy with who and what I am. However... I still puzzle over the apparent strangeness of what I do. So... to the point... I’d love to hear your story and..... more importantly.....if you are like me, in the middle... see if you have any insight to offer! Are we really... 'gender fluid' ?
  5. It was a lovely warm day, so decided to go shopping in my new summer skirt (yes I know it's nearly Autumn, but the skirt is new!). Its really pretty, with pleats all round, fine chiffon fabric and a pretty floral print. A plain white blouse looked good with it, although my wife was concerned about how clearly my bra could be seen through it! Not a problem for me... I love to see a pretty lacy bra shine through a white blouse. Delightful. Shopping was good. Got a very elegant long dress that buttons (or more interestingly... unbuttons) from top to bottom. I love such a shirt type dress and this one is very elegant. Next night out, I will post a photo, it will be very sexy with black stilettos. Shopping was over all too quick, so we called at the local coffee shop on the way home. Shopping is so much more enjoyable dressed. It was very hot, but.... as usual.... not too hot for wearing stockings!