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  1. He who sups with the devil …

    Why are so many Brexiters and alleged patriots like Farage, so quick to believe Putin in preference to the Government, our intelligence services and our defence chiefs? Seems a odd sort of patriotism to me.
  2. Stephen Hawking RIP

    "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special." - Stephen Hawking
  3. The Tory Party and Brexit

    For the first time in modern history, UK GDP growth is still expected to fall below 2% in every forecast year (from now to 2022) and we haven't left the EU left. This is just the impact of the referendum.
  4. He who sups with the devil …

    Given that the main UK-based alt-right social media accounts claim to be motivated only by patriotism, I was curious to see what they had to say about the alleged Russian use of nerve agents on British soil. Strangely, they completely ignored it. Is it a coincidence that Trump fired Tillerson after the Secretary of State came out against Russia? Whilst we have all of the "patriots" ignoring what happened in Salisbury our European allies who we are walking away from have been expressing strong support for the UK. Makes you wonder how far the Russian tentacles spread into our society.
  5. He who sups with the devil …

    Interesting to also note the reticence of the likes of Farage, Banks and other members of the far right. Britain's exit from the EU is a major strategic win for Putin and the terrorist action in Salisbury distracts the government at a crucial time. Just imagine how vocal they would all be if they thought it was a Muslim.
  6. He who sups with the devil …

    In a surprisingly forthright speech the PM effectively says we’ve been attacked by Russia and vows retaliation. So what, pray tell, have we heard from our closest, most powerful ally? Not a single tweet and the White House declines to blame Russia directly. I wonder why that might be?
  7. The Tory Party and Brexit

    The European Research Group (a parliamentary body that we all have no choice but to fund) are a tiny cabal of 62 very rich Tory MPs. Because of Mays insecurity they are trying to control the destiny of 65 million Britons. The thing that has astounded me about these people is how many of them have second, third and even fourth jobs. Some of them are earning substantial (in excesss of £500k) amounts of money from these jobs. I wonder why they are MP's? It makes you think about who was really behind the letter to Downing Street, who is taking back control and who are the real Enemies of the people?