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  1. Hi Seamsweet, I have a very rare opportunity of getting a night out in Glasgow this Saturday and wondered if you could recommend any pubs or clubs? Thanks in advance SS 

    1. Seamsweet


      hahah what ? a fellow Glaswegian and you dont already know the best pub's and clubs in Glasgow ? Neither do i but i'm having a great time cruising them to find out lol You canny go wrong moving up and down Sauchiehall street SS just stay out of the Savoy ffs , its gone to the kids but you'll find loads in the Town center . Enjoy ya night oot lol x


    2. SensationalSeems


      Hey Seamsweet, Thanks for your reply. I can't actually remember the last time I was out in town and places change so fast. The Solid Rock was my haunt growng up but thats gone to the kids now too. Awe well, up Sauchie, doon Buchie and alang Argyle. Wish me luck!! x

    3. Seamsweet


      hahah gawd its been ages since i was in The solid rock , that was a great place to start a night off lol why not give Reflex a go west George street lots of 80's music , thats the only reason i go lol but have a great night oot x