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  1. Crack ...
  2. whats normal really ....
  3. Many thanks for you sassy and fun comments SHQ . Its always nice to have a little flirty fun along the way but , as you can see that skirt wasnt going to stay put long ... lol
  4. one more for a big finish cullie lol x Can be a bit of a burden LVN lol ta x well , a little give and take is always good zippy hehe ta x And Mr Smooth , its always nice to read that you too enjoy reading SeamsFFun's replies , so much so that you feel the need to attach and copy most of his very pleasant lines . I thank you too , and urge SeamsFFun to take your love for him as a compliment . It does make you wonder thou , why you intend on constantly giving this man the biggest ego on the site ... moving on .... hahah he was , and what he came up with wasn't suitable for this site lol many thanks MB x
  5. Thats the only way to adjust a stocking , lovely x
  6. wow !! stunnin girl xx
  7. oooh gotta love a bit of Tartan vandg thanks :) x
  8. awwe my very best to you both MB , thank you x Lovely heels rago , and blue is my fav colour too x A very naughty glimpse isnt it LVN , the heels are fantastic x
  9. The skirt that is but , it just kept creeping up .....
  10. Hi everyone , i just wondered if anyone ( thats ANYONE ) have any thoughts on their footwear with stockings . Do you think a certain shoe type goes well with a stocking type or vice versa , lets see what you think . Many thanks in advance x