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  1. New chat room coming very soon

    thank you david hope the new chat room works for you looking forward to using the new room when it comes on line I think we will all miss the bubble thanks again suzanne
  2. just to update we have lost the chat bubble yet again juust hope it comes back

    1. Michelle_CD


      Yes it looks like its POPPED once again, no telling when it might return


  3. no chat bubble

    yes I have just lost the chat bubble as well its keeps going and coming what is going on one min your chatting and the next it just goes hope they sort out the problem so we can chat again
  4. EYes its 3.52pm and still no chat bubble yet again what is going on with the bubble its gone agsin

  5. Yet again 12.22am no chat bubble sgain what is going on with the bubble

    1. Glossylegs


      Chat bubble has gone again :58674be766e2b_EmojiSmiley-16:

  6. new update 6.00pm and bubble has disappeared again what is going on thsis time

  7. hello every body its 5.36pm and yet again the bubble has disappeared yet again so we cant chat what is going on

    just hope it come up soon

    1. CuddlyCook


      Yes Suzanne I have had trouble all afternoon getting into the chatroom.

      Every time it seems to work a short while later it freezes up.