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    Hi, I'm a 42 year old husband of 14 years. My wife is a wearer but mostly pantyhose which I love. She is a beautiful classy lady who always dresses nicely. I love her legs and feet and can't keep my hands off of them which she loves.
    Since I was a very young boy I found myself staring at lady's legs and feet who wore dresses and heels. Today I am still a huge admirer. I love heels, vintage retro style, and I always notice a feminine girly girl. Feel free to PC me. Especially the " Shoe Girls". I love shoe shopping and I think I have a foot fetish. Lol.

    I always notice a well dressed sexy lady in heels etc. Such a treat to see a woman here in the USA who actually loves and displays femininity!!
    I would love to phone chat with lady married or single in the USA, promise to be a gentleman. Nothing raunchy, just stockings, heels and such. Would be so much fun to discuss these things with a lady who wears often and enjoys being admired.

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