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  1. It was called the Thermae Boetfort not far from Brussels airport. Highly recommended for a visit.
  2. Thanks. It was pretty awesome viewing! Last night was a green khaki skirt, brown boots and WKD nutmeg stockings with a green seam. Met one of her work colleagues and some of his friends who happen to be over here and she once again managed to cause a few jaws to drop to the floor! Flying home today so no more suspenders for the trip now. Mrs B can't be doing with the mither at the airport having been caught out before.
  3. Black sheer stockings worn under a purple crushed velvet dress with the merest of bumps just about visible and a recently applied red hair dye meant that Mrs B was the star of the show last night around the centre of Brussels. She was a real head turner. That however was almost nothing compared to her attire in the day after we visited a beautiful spa where all swimwear was banned and we spent the entire afternoon wearing no more than towels as we walked between the various saunas / pools / facilities. The best was yet to come though when getting changed afterwards. Mrs B had travelled there in a blue knitted dress and navy opaque stockings. The changing area was open plan, communal and mixed. On arrival, she'd found one of the few curtained rooms to undress behind but when leaving, there were no such rooms available. Although she considered not putting them back on, after spending the afternoon naked, she evidently through caution to the wind (and knowing that it was too cold to Bebbington bear legged) and after putting on her bra and knickers, she put on her turquoise six strap suspender belt and sat down on the bench to roll her stockings up each leg, much to the delight of the four or five others who were sharing our changing area and the people walking past to and from the naked sauna section. Can't wait to see what today will bring!
  4. Mrs B and I will be spending the next few days / nights in Belgium. I'm expecting plenty of sightings as she's mainly packed skirts and dresses and plenty of hold ups and stockings. If you're in town, you might get a lucky glimpse or three.