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  1. Having had a wonderful sighting myself this morning, it’s made me wonder what your best / favourite sighting is? Apologies if this has been done but would love to hear everyone’s favourite recollections. Thanks
  2. So I’m pretty sure I’ve just had of of, if not my best ever sightings. Heading down to the underground at Euston there was a slim lady (short brunette hair and aged around 40 I would say) in a red pencil type dress that finished just above the knee. It looked to be made of a soft brushed material. She was looking at a tube map as I walked past but immediately spotted her black hosiery. I went down a flight of stairs not knowing whether she was heading to the Northern or Victoria lines or which platform she needed. I headed for my southbound platform to Waterloo and was pleasantly surprised when she came down the same flight of stairs a minute or so after me. On spotting her, there was certainly something going on under the front of her dress around her thighs. Fortune came my way when she stood near me and followed me into the end of one of the carriages once the trained arrived. I ended up stood between the seats but she had to stand by the door but with her back to the glass panel at the end of the row of seats. There clearly wasn’t much room as she flattened her bum against the glass panel and as she moved slightly to one side, the wide rear strap of her suspender belt was absolutely glaringly obvious as it was pressed up against the glass. I have no idea if she was aware what effect the glass would have but for two stops until she got off I had the best view of the suspender strap and the lovely bumps. Now I need to try and concentrate on work but I don’t see this being easy!
  3. Wonderful images Anne! Thank you for brightening my own journey into London this morning.
  4. Mrs B’s go on the line in this warmer weather but otherwise on a clothes maiden somewhere in the house. They were on the line yesterday when a female colleague of mine came around for a drink and we sat out in the garden. She was sat facing the line so can’t have not seen a variety of both of our pants and Mrs B’s stockings.