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  1. I'm there pretty much weekly and it's rarer than hen's teeth as they say. If I was pushed, the straps and belt were so obvious that she might have been showing deliberately or just wasn't bothered; I can't imagine she wasn't aware how much they showed when she got dressed. Either way, she looked great and very sexy!
  2. Pulling into a parking space today, I was initially quite annoyed as a couple, aged mid to late 40's / early 50's walked quite slowly into and through the space I was about to turn into (half the car park was closed so I'd alteady been waiting for ages to find a space). My annoyance was very quickly alleviated though when I noticed the unmistakeable rear suspender strap showing through her tight fitting fern green skirt (nude stockings). I couldn't say what shoes she was wearing as I was so astounded by how clear a sighting her suspender belt was giving! By the time I'd got the kids out of the car and got them in a trolley, try as I might, she was gone so no chance of a second sighting or even to drop her a compliment. Brightened up a big shop on a Subday afternoon though!