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  1. TWO 4 ONE

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
  2. New...nervous!!!

    Nice pic. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Christmas gift from New Girl

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
  4. False Nails

    Just what fashion photographer Helmut Newton used to call "Californian nails". Lovely!
  5. Caught in a farmers field

    A nice, bucolic picture... Thanks for sharing!
  6. Looking for Santa

    Nice Xmas pics. Thank you for sharing!
  7. on the balcony

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Carole Middleton

    Thank you for sharing picture!
  9. Dancing the Jive

    Nice dance! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Who’s got the Mistletoe?

    Nice pic. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Nice picture. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Little Sunday morning drive

    Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing!
  13. It's a sighting, no doubt... I'm not shocked, it's for charity!
  14. Even more Allo Allo

    Some pics are quite nice. Thank you for sharing!