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  1. Legs crossed or uncrossed?

    As long as you're adorned, that's all that matters!
  2. on the balcony

    Yup, "a beautifully adorned pair of legs" which "are adorned with such a sheer sensational pair of seams."
  3. On or off the Hook !!

    Seeing "legs adorned in such sensational stockings" is why we visit SHQ!
  4. Yes indeed "Young Totty", your "excitingly exhilarating extras" and your "wondrous legs... adorned with stockings" has the Sun King hyperventilating!
  5. SeamsFFun is puckering up for an opportunity to lip lock with your "oh-so kissable lips". Undoubtedly, the ladies of SHQ are also forming a queue for this rare chance to feel the mesmeric lightness of being that can only come from a peck with SeamsFFun!
  6. Caught in a farmers field

    SeamsFFun has dashed off to take a cold shower... likely because "you (are) adorned so sexily" or perhaps because your "stunningly sensational black seams... (are) adorned on those incredible legs"! Whatever the reason, your adornment is simply "Magblinkinnificent"... whatever that may mean?
  7. Ready to Party !

    To be "an adorner of the highest class" is an invitaton from the Sun King to join him on the pedestal... that would be after the last dance!
  8. Lovely as usual Brie, but perhaps you could consider enhancing the presentation with RHT's?
  9. Mrs r new stockings

    An "adorner of sheer quality" is why we come here. But is Mrs. R "mesmeric" too?
  10. The Sun King has rendered his decision on this. Please abide by His Majesty's wishes!
  11. Polar Express!

    A variant of Christmas stockings no doubt!
  12. Vintage nylons Cuban heel

    Try this from Secrets in Lace:
  13. a

    Alas, SeamsFFun day in the sun is now setting...
  14. The Sun King must still be suffering from writer's cramp. Only 3 lines of congratulatory prose, but at least with the requisite reference to "adorn and tease". Nicely done!