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  1. Fires the loins!
  2. "Art forms"? Really? The appreciation of art is very subjective rowlf. Enough said...
  3. Being "adorned... in sheer magical stockings" contributes to "this ickle glamour world"... whatever that means!
  4. Being "beautifully adorned in such sheer magic" works for the majority... even SeamsFFun!
  5. "Spectacular legs... adorned with... magical stockings" always works for SeamsFFun... and the rest of the SHQ crowd!
  6. To be "intriguingly adorned"... that's the ticket!
  7. According to SeamsFFun, there are many "Adorners" on SHQ!
  8. No worries SeamsFFun, we always love reading your drivel and ramblings about "adorning" and women who "adorn"!
  9. It's apparent that SeamsFFun's mojo gets revved up when the lady's legs has "superbly sensational stockings you adorn upon them". And then he takes a cold shower!
  10. Her gorgeous legs would have to be "adorned" in order for her to make a "fabulously flirty stocking adjustment"!
  11. Or maybe he was doing the drilling!
  12. Agreed. To "enjoy adorning your wondrously adorned legs" makes you "a Lady we cannot afford to lose"!
  13. Yes indeed "young sweet", you are indeed "a gorgeous adorner" whose "wondrously gorgeous legs adorned" makes for a "gloriously thrilling sight"!