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  1. With the favourable responses to yesterdays post http://forum.stockingshq.com/index.php?/topic/44078-a-layered-approach-tights-and-stockings/ and as Winter is just around the corner. Lou is considering the layered style for her next meet. Nylon all the way so to speak and it may save a few drafts when the flashing begins. Ive added some more shots from the layered shoot to Lous albums. Next meet being planned soon, cant wait for the admirers reactions.
  2. Its a question that's often pondered here, tights or stockings? Lou is never one for lengthy debate so when I posed the question she answered in her own inimitable style. "Sod it, lets do both at once" Heres a few results of Lous layered approach to Stockings and tights, it works for me. Does it do it for you? I have added a few more in Lou's gallery if your still trying to decide.
  3. Lou answering members requests for particular outfits and poses.
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