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    Admiring ladies who like to impress the male species with good hosiery.Those who have a good sense of humour but especially ladies who can combine both of these.Will chat about anything if anyone wants to.
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    fully fashioned/hold ups/Rht's

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  1. Out for dinner tonight

    Spain's gain is our loss. This lady looks top notch. Hope the night out was as good .
  2. Hope their straight

    They appear to be a dead straight line to me but it you need a plumb bob I own one and am willing to use it !!!!
  3. Mrs R birthday treat

    Looking at the pics of Mrs R it would appear that you got just as much of a present as I'm sure she did !!! Stunning snaps of a very elegant lady.
  4. Brie...

    Stunning pictures as always Brie ,wonderful and sexy !!!
  5. Sexy wife - 2nd pic posted

    Very intriguing,this lady looks hot. Can't wait to see more !!
  6. So hot Brie,the General Lee's dixie horn would be a blowing like a screaming banshee looking at you !!!!
  7. Wrap up warm this weekend

    Looking hot Gill unlike the weather so be careful this chilly wind don't whistle where you don't want it !!!!!