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    Admiring ladies who like to impress the male species with good hosiery.Those who have a good sense of humour but especially ladies who can combine both of these.Will chat about anything if anyone wants to.
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    fully fashioned/hold ups/Rht's

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  1. gio point heel

    Hot is an understatement !!!!
  2. Motorcycles

    That's certainly one way to rev up the members here !!!!
  3. Bet you got this lady back before midnight unlike Cinderella Just to make sure she did change out of her ball gown !!!!!
  4. Public transport

    Always up for a quick one on a bus !!!!! Lol Great pictures from all you lovely ladies
  5. Little black dress

    Can't beat an LBD on a stunning lady. Then to team it with shear stockings and high heels,its a win,win situation Superb pictures
  6. 12 strap

    Looking absolutely fabulous Mrs R !! Mr R is such a lucky chap