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  1. Leggybird

    Yet again,the "bullied" stalker strikes. Apoligies to Leggybird.
  2. Weekend in Edinburgh

    You need to get a life fella,you seem to be obsessed with us. Think stalkier would fit the bill. Apoligies to Katiesheer for using her topic,but this is what we're up against.
  3. Holiday

    Stunning outfit,Gios the icing on the cake.
  4. Weekend in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is a fine city(visiting ourselves for the Tattoo)with some stunning sights. It appears you fitted in perfectly as far as stunning sights go.
  5. Leggybird

    A classic SHQ post,classy & elegant.
  6. Out and about

    Great post,fantastic outfit,the shoes are the cherry on the top.