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  1. Pre flight checks - Stockings, Check!

    Very nice picture and gorgeous legs!
  2. Waverley Station

    What a gorgeous looking lady...and fantastic legs too! Keep posting please.
  3. More of Karen

    Wow, Soooo Sexy!
  4. Legs Stretched

    Perfection. Please keep posting!?
  5. First Class

    More a case of Special Delivery! Gorgeous.
  6. Nice Heels...

    Very Nice. What a great pair of legs!
  7. My wife

  8. Risky flashing

    Wow!! What a superb picture and a super sexy outfit! Love your pictures!
  9. Anyone for a glass of wine

    Wow, Thats a very good looking lady and a hell of an outfit!
  10. Fabulous! Those Opaques look fab on you Anne. I confess to wishing I was sat on the seat opposite you on that train!
  11. Monday tease

    Wow, what a gorgeous body and some very sexy poses. Thank you!
  12. Can tights not be sexy?

    Absolutely they can. Especially when worn with such class and glamour as you do. Your legs are superb and those boots really work!
  13. Leather Skirt and Hold Ups - Front view

    Superb, simply superb!
  14. Leather Skirt - Lifted from behind...

    Stunning figure, fantastic legs and glorious stockings!!
  15. For lunch I will be....

    Damn....How long will it take me to get to Lincoln!?