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    Lingerie & Stockings in general but especially suspenders & sheer ff stockings. It's delicious to be teased by glimpses....
    Eating out/in, trying to stay in shape (so much harder than it used to be !!), films, theatre, finding new things and places, I like to explore. Being with people and simply talking :-)
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    FF Stockings, seams, any sheer stockings

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  1. Lynn you look fabulous ! 🙂 I really can't write what's in my head....😎
  2. Absolutely gorgeous 🙂 fabulous legs and stockings 🙂
  3. Fabulous legs and fabulous stockings 🙂 a gorgeous woman
  4. A very sexy woman 🙂 Stockings and white lingerie look great 🙂
  5. Are these ok

    Ok ???? They're fantastic ! 🙂 Your gorgeous legs in those stockings.....sheer delight. I have a feeling I'll be looking at these pics more than once 😁
  6. Blue or Aqua

    Lordy ! You are a gorgeous woman 😊 You look fantastic in everything 🙂
  7. Hot outside

    Fantastic legs and gorgeous stockings. Things certainly are looking hot ! 😊
  8. Gio's & Leather

    Sue, you look lovely 🙂 Elegant and sexy
  9. Pub Lunch

    Very nice, great legs 🙂 I'm free for lunch anytime.....😁
  10. Lingerie Shopping

    Wow what a set of photos 🙂 sexy woman ! I'd go for red but you look great in both 🙂 Talk to me, I work for 😁
  11. More stocking tops :)

    I certainly love them on you ! 😊
  12. Just got in from work feeling tired and sh***y. Your body and legs In stockings has cheered me up 😊 Thank you x
  13. Details

    A lovely closeup it is too 🙂