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    I'm a totally hetero male who not only adores women in stockings and heels, but love wearing the same myself. I love feeling mmmm, oh sooooo good in either stockings or tights.
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    I love many styles and brands.

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  1. Getting a Little Bit Wild

    Here are two more. Thanks for all the kind words.
  2. I couldn't resist the thought of teaming together a wild combination of electric blue / black Gio Contrast Cuban heel stockings with silver patent heels. I was thrilled with the results. kellym
  3. Guys Wearing Tights!?

    Ooops ! Have I just crossed over again ? Well said Dworkin. kellym
  4. Cervin Liberation 45. 

    New photos in the male forum and gallery.

  5. Cervin Liberation 45

    Foot and heels closeups :
  6. I tried on my new Cervin Liberation 45 semi-opaque fully fashioned stockings yesterday. While I know that so many of you don't feel this way, I have always had a soft spot for opaque hosiery. I have finally experienced the joy of wearing fully fashioned stockings in the past couple of years. The Liberation stockings combine somewhat my love of opaque hosiery with that of fully fashioned stockings. I am over the moon with joy from this new experience. New photos have been added to the gallery.