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    I'm a totally hetero male who not only adores women in stockings and heels, but love wearing the same myself. I love feeling mmmm, oh sooooo good in either stockings or tights.
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    I love many styles and brands.

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  1. Wasn't it fantastic to have mrs t support this thread ? Unfortunately I'm unable to contribute as I don't have a photographer to do the favour.
  2. My new stockings which I tried on for the first time yesterday. I am so very, very pleased !
  3. What a great looking group !
  4. You look incredible Ursula !
  5. Yesterday I tried on a corset for the first time. I had mixed results. To say it was a battle would be an understatement. Ideally, I would have an accepting woman to help tie me up. Any suggestions to help make solo fitting easier would be greatly appreciated. I've added four photos to the gallery. I'm wearing my blue/black corset with matching Gio stockings from here at SHQ. I hope they look okay. I know that I can and will do better in the future. kellym
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