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  1. reminds me of early mini skirt era, the first time I ever saw one, attracted a crowd, in finish a police man covered her legs with his rain cape and escorted her from Nottingham Market Square! about 1966
  2. Recall straightening my aunt's, (only the once just at the ankle) when about 12/13, she always wore such (rht era), she was going out but had just painted her nails, (in the red nails era)
  3. Probably a bit older (make that a lot older) than most on here, from a time when anyone known to cross dress etc would be subject to ridicule and even violence if found out plus a most unfeminine appearance, build etc I had to keep my desires literally under wraps, likewise my sub tendencies, however on meeting my future wife who enjoyed being in control of me (in private) would when possible insist I wore certain things and explore my submissive role, at same time enjoying her mainly dom likes, worked out fine for us, together for 47 years with 2 children.
  4. I recall her having an "interview with "Mrs Merton" who asked her "What made you marry the millionaire Paul Daniels?" that to me about sums her up, sorry
  5. The spring/summer of 1967 was when tights took over, at least in Nottingham, by then had been with my g/f later wife 4 years so plenty of stockings/nylons worn by her, in later years she again wore such, inc vintage RHT's and FF's before settling for copy ff's and seamed tights
  6. Jean, wouldn't mind a proper chat with you if you see me in there
  7. Lou

    apart from anything else nylons were/are totally different from today's stockings, even today's still manufactured nylons are made from a different yarn, if anyone wants to sample the real thing Aristoc Tango RHT's and Aristoc Harmony Point FF,s were a perfect example and can sometimes still be found as can other brands,
  8. I say get the lancasters out of the museums and nip over to krautland!