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    Late 30's (cough!) guy who adores ladies who dress like a lady (none of this baggy t-shirt, leggings and flip flops mullarkey!!). I love to see a lady in nice lingerie, stockings and heels. Bit of a fan of retro lingerie too and all of the wonderful shapes and curves it creates on a lady. I'm fortunate enough to have a lovely lady that shares my interest too!
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    All FF stockings, but Gio's are high on the list!

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  1. Flight attendant hosery

    I clearly remember flying to Kenya in 1992...I cant remember the airline, but the hostesses all wore black skirts with red belts, black patent heels, black hosiery and black and white blouses...Air2000 maybe? of them with a very tight skirt and clear suspender bumps showing...fabulous! I think it would be fair to say these days that the hostesses that DO wear stockings and suspenders to fly are in a small minority - mores the pity!