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  1. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I am not so sure about this. It appears in Europe we are not the only ones fed up with the EU. Macron seems to be doing a really good job of upsetting the French and the Germans are fed up with immigration implemented by Merkel. In the old days the Germans used imported Turkish labor and when they were no longer of use, sent them back. With the new recruits they have them for ever. So what I am saying is that the EU might split apart in the future for all we know. Plus now as we are leaving all the other 27 members have to make up the cash shortfall, that I gather is not going down too well. Nobody can predict the future, if the Euro dive bombs, which it could if a German bank fails, then who knows.
  2. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I was thinking about this. Now that TM third vote looks very unlikely, she goes back to the EU for an extension. The EU now knowing they have the upper hand, with the knowledge that Parliament has voted to dismiss the "No deal" option, they offer two options (a) stay in the EU forget about Brexit or (b) seeing as you have made no progress leave now (effectively "No deal"). Parliament obviously doesn't want the "No deal" so we are forced to remain. Now the next scenario is there is a rumor JC is fed up with being leader and retires, then replaced with someone with a better Public appeal. British Public now decides next election to teach the Torys a lesson for not adhering to the referendum result (sensible remainers that can accept the result plus Brexit voters), plus all the other nasty things they have done while in Office. It could happen.
  3. Epilators verses shaving

    Yes, I found an epilator is much better than shaving, that is as you say put up with the pain. I did find that it took a lot longer for the hair to grow back. The only downside other than the pain, is that it takes a lot longer to do.