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  1. I have posted a new gallery of pictures in my new Quiz bodysuit and PVC skirt.
  2. I'm sorry I must be stupid

    No, your health care is so expensive, because they are all super rich corporations that are basically monopolies that can pay themselves fortunes, as we are all frightened of dying. It is a bit like in the UK with car insurance if you get your car fixed under insurance it is about twice as expensive as is if you pay for it yourself. I heard that quite a number of US firms could no longer fund health insurance for their employees. In the US arm of my company. in the 80's it was provided totally free, at the end of the 80's the employee had to pay a fixed amount and now it has been offloaded to the Unions. Also, from what I gather, accommodation and health care costs are separate, so in the case of a woman having a baby, the health insurance covers the delivery, but the stay in hospital is charged separately. A guy in one of our US Suppliers got charged $3000 for his wife's stay in hospital whilst she had a baby (the medical procedures were covered by insurance). A lot of our issues are with the "Self Employed" not paying proper National Insurance contributions.
  3. I'm sorry I must be stupid

    If the Tories had won the Election with a big majority this might have happened, but given their current predicament I suspect this would be Political suicide as it would definitely be enough for Corbyn to get a majority and then the ACOs would be toast. I am not so sure that Jeremy Hunt won't be soon, he has just missed a bullet meant for him.
  4. I'm sorry I must be stupid

    Thinking about "Carillion" going "legs up", if it happens this could cost the Government a fortune, not only all those projects that need bailing out, but also that big hole in their Pension Fund.
  5. I'm sorry I must be stupid

    Firstly, contrary to belief the NHS is not free, that is why we pay National Insurance( unfortunately, the Government just thinks of it as another Tax), just think what private health care you could get for about £400 (what I used to pay). I do not want to get into politics, but one of the reasons the NHS is in Financial difficulties is the Private Public Partnership that Blair thought of, the Trust gets a nice new Hospital, but pays an absolute fortune for it. Then we have the Hospital Execs that get paid stupid amounts of money, because it is said "we need to pay, to get the best". Well given their performance, perhaps we would be better paying them a reasonable salary, lets face it running a hospital is not like running a chain of restaurants. I used to work for a US based Automotive Corporation in the UK, and their view was that they always promoted their top Executives from within, as nobody understood the Company from outside. The thing large Corporations and Governments do not understand "outsourcing" only works if the Company is better at the skill you are "outsourcing". My Company was always "outsourcing" work and then realising that is was effectively costing them more money, and it costs even more money to terminate the contract. With the Government it is even worse, a Minister thinks they can save money, but by the time the "Supplier" has failed the Minister has moved on. Look what is happening at the moment with Carillion at the moment. I have been reading a book about the privatisation of the railways, and if appears the costs rose appreciably when it was privatised, and then we lost a fortune on Railtrack. When I was working (I am now retired), if we wanted more money for a project we would always stop working on the critical Project so it was noticed, so I sometimes wonder if this is what the Trusts are doing at the moment. As for the US verses UK schemes, the US System is not that great, it is fragmented as each Hospital is a private entity, I mean did anyone read the article about the Nurse that was killing OAPs, all the Hospital involved when they found out, was to release him (did not want the bad publicity), so that he could carry on his spree in another hospital. It appears with the US System, you spend a great deal of time trying to get the money back from the Health Insurer. Rowlf I would be interested on your views, as I said I used to work for a US Company and went there a lot. The thing is with the NHS a lot depends which doctor you get, some are really good, some are useless. As seems to be the case with most things the useless ones seem to be the ones most appreciated.