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    Travel,Music,Old Pubs and Real Ale,Walking,Museums,Football,Steam Railways and Stockings,Basques+Suspenders. Meals and Nights out.
    Also like to attend 1940,s events.
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    White 6 or 8 strap suspender belt+black ff stockings

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  1. New...nervous!!!

    wonderful sarah,welcome to shq x
  2. HAS (Heels and Seams) Society

    Sounds good I will have to look into this society .
  3. Ready to Party !

    you look wonderful sue,can i come to your party? x
  4. Bulldog Breed

    well spotted ,they 2 wonderful ladies !
  5. More Allo Allo

    Im with you Lord Seaton,double standards
  6. More Allo Allo

    well said,its true what you say,they dont make them like thta anymore
  7. More Allo Allo

    a few of the Allo Allo cast appeared at SVR 1940,s event a few years ago , sadly no Vikki Michelle, but Helga,the german lady still looked delightful in her uniform and black seams.
  8. More Allo Allo

    very nice she was gorgeous
  9. Love to see more pics Nylon Leksi,you look gorgeous x

  10. Watched and old norman wisdom film on Talking Pictures channel yeterday, Bulldog Breed, and a wonderful scene near the end when he takes the dog for a walk, meets a gorgeous lady (Liz Fraser), and dog runs off chasing a rabbit, and it drags norman and he is hold of her dress, , leaves her stood there in genuine 1950,s stockings and suspenders !