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    Travel,Music,Old Pubs and Real Ale,Walking,Museums,Football,Steam Railways and Stockings,Basques+Suspenders. Meals and Nights out.
    Also like to attend 1940,s events.
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    White 6 or 8 strap suspender belt+black ff stockings

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  1. yes but the new ones are rubbish, no proper ff nylons in them ,all politically correct nonsense
  2. wow! the good old days of british films,they wudnt dare make them nowadays
  3. oh dear, bet they quite enjoyed it though
  4. very reveailing leksi,would you dare wear suspenders with that dress?
  5. lovely outfit lady g,more please !
  6. its all gone haywire,the end is nigh i fear !
  7. the only way i can chay now is to logoout and back in again,rubbish
  8. lovely,leksi,wish i had been there to see that x