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    Travel,Music,Old Pubs and Real Ale,Walking,Museums,Football,Steam Railways and Stockings,Basques+Suspenders. Meals and Nights out.
    Also like to attend 1940,s events.
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    White 6 or 8 strap suspender belt+black ff stockings

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  1. There is a member called Honda using my pic as their profile,can it be removed ?

    1. rowlf


      With all due respect, why would anyone want to steal your pic?:58674be5c2392_EmojiSmiley-13:

    2. SirSpender


      its beyond me also,but they did !

    3. stockingsadmirer68


      rowlf - With all due respect, why would anyone want to steal your pic? 

      Your’s is as safe as the Mexico 🇲🇽 wall :58674c1aabbb8_EmojiSmiley-106: :58674bddb5b72_EmojiSmiley-01:

  2. Bournemouth

    wish i had met her
  3. Bournemouth

    yes i remember her,where did she go ?
  4. Bournemouth

    I will be in Bournemouth Tuesday and wednesday,just wondered if any Shq members in that area like to say hello .
  5. Shopping in seams and heels

    very nice indeed, wish i could do that sometime .
  6. Risky flashing

    wow mrs r ,gorgeous