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  1. Its Needs Straightening

    WOW ....... and I don't mean wow ...... I mean WOW
  2. Colour , or B/W ...

    You have fantastic little legs , how do they cope ? Maybe the colour / B&W debate would benefit from a Blue/Red/Green skirt and different coloured blouse ? The most noticeable changes are your tie and your wonderful thighs , when I flick back and forth with the pictures .....
  3. Shoe shopping

    If your wife enjoys flashing , you'll just have to put up with it you jammy bugger !
  4. One of my fav pics

    Just one of them though ! From so many
  5. Drinks in the garden

    Very VERY nice , thank you
  6. Does all the dribbling and drooling prove hazardous in the work place ?
  7. Those legs of yours just go on forever ! Wow
  8. Colour , or B/W ...

    No contest at all ! .....BOTH !!! Oh and what fantastic wee legs you have btw
  9. Love your pictures Mrs T. Thank you for sharing them with us
  10. polka dot dress

    Perfection ! Vaguely aware of your beautiful dress thank you
  11. Garden fun

    Deliciously cheeky at that !