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  1. With the finer weather and the lighter nights upon us, added to which is was a bank holiday (a.k.a. public holiday) weekend, getting a table outside a bar on a Saturday evening can be a bit of a challenge, but we were lucky enough to get the last available one outside Velvet which, inevitably, meant a few drinks were had there before we moved on to The Goose. After a photo opportunity by the actual canal that borders Canal Street (its name is the Rochdale Canal), we had a drink in Oscars, and thereafter a couple of nightcaps in Via.
  2. The weather was uncharacteristically fine in Manchester, so without further ado Julie and I were in The Village enjoying the bars. We started in On Bar for one drink, whereupon a very nice young lady was blind kind enough to offer very pleasant compliments. Next, we had a couple of drinks outside Via, followed by one outside Velvet where we struck up a conversation with a couple from Burnley. The penultimate venue for the night was The Goose for a few libations and a quick flash of the stocking tops, followed by a repeat performance in Naps.
  3. A new look perhaps?

    Loving the polka dot dress.
  4. Happy Birthday Dayna

    Thank you all for your kind wishes.