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  1. Vintage lingerie: Photos

    I wish I had your figure.
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    So very, very, hot!
  3. As we arrived at Velvet Restaurant shortly before 7pm I knew we were taking a chance of getting a table having not pre-booked – on the first Saturday night of December. And so it turned out to be. Fully booked. Undeterred, we went next door to One Canal Street, and we were lucky that a table was offered within 10 minutes, subject to us finishing dining by 8pm. Which we did … with 2 minutes to spare. We popped back next door, but this time to Velvet Bar. As I was ordering drinks, a group of young ladies stood to my left were chatting amongst themselves. Nothing unique about that, until I noticed the lady in the burgundy dress with her back to me. She was resplendently adorned in fully fashioned Havana heel nylons, absolutely stunning with what appeared to be a natural/ivory nylon leg, contrasting black seam and black Havana heel. Her burgundy dress was very elegant too – something of a retro 50’s design. Glorious and wonderful in equal measure. By the time the drinks had arrived and I’d sat down with Julie, those same ladies had left Velvet Bar for their next venue, whereas the next port of call for us was The Goose, followed thereafter by one round in Via. A trademark nightcap in Napoleons inevitably brought things to a close … or so we thought. As we were enjoying our final drink, two young gentlemen from Edinburgh struck up a conversation. Well, one of them did. The other chap, somewhat (i.e. very) worse for wear on the alcohol front, was twerking and dancing in front of Julie whilst regularly exclaiming – at some volume – “Work it, Bitch”. I do hope he was talking about himself! Both chaps seemed eager to accompany us to further venues (despite our polite protestations), to the point of them dragging us back to Le Ville hotel so they could freshen up in their room as we waited patiently downstairs near the hotel’s reception. 2 minutes they said they’d be, but as it became 5 and more minutes without any sign of them, we assumed perhaps one or both had passed out, or maybe they’d found something else to occupy their time, therefore we left them to it and returned to our apartment. But oh my … what a sighting!