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  1. A few weeks after Sparkle it was time to get out and about again. It was a relatively simple but pleasant night – the nice weather once again afforded us the opportunity to start with a drink outside Velvet. That was followed by a drink inside One Canal Street, followed by one in Velvet Bar. Next up was The Goose, followed by an attempt to try The Lodge but that was hosting a private party, so it was back to Via before a nightcap in Tribeca.
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    A very classy look.
  3. A whole morning to myself !

    Wonderful pictures. Very nice indeed.
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    Cool boots.
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    Breathtaking. Always a joy to see your pictures.
  6. Sparkle is the UK’s National Transgender Charity that organises the Sparkle Weekend celebration in July of each year. It’s held in my home city of Manchester, and it is (I believe) the world’s largest transgender specific event. Our last day and night of Sparkle 2018 began outside One Canal Street with a pre-dinner drink, a nice meal, a bottle of wine, and finally a cocktail. That set things up nicely. After a chat with the security lady outside Velvet (she used to work outside Oscar’s), we had one drink inside before venturing over to Sackville Park to see Sparkle In The Park, and the Miss Sparkle contest. After a few photos in the park, we frequented the usual haunts of Via and The Goose, followed by our nightcap – and final drink to close off Sparkle 2018 – in Tribeca. Like all the Sparkles before, this was a wonderful celebration of all things Trans. Roll on Sparkle 2019.