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  1. I can't believe it's taken you so long to jerk that knee of yours. You're slipping!
  2. One of this site's top adorners.
  3. If you were to read the forum rules thoroughly, you might begin to understand how your prejudice is embarrassing you.
  4. Happy Birthday, Nikki. You're a true legend, and an inspiration to many.
  5. When I'm in drab out in the world and see another Trans person, I'll simply smile at them and treat them like any other person, with a natural respect, courtesy, and humanity.
  6. Having double checked the forum rules (thank you, Ruby, for being the genesis of that), let me be clear that my post is specifically in response to the subject matter of the thread - nothing else implied, nor intended to convey. Keep on wearing stockings, everyone.
  7. Dear Ruby, An important reminder of the original poster's invitation: Always happy to help and inform.
  8. It's always a thrill to see your pictures here, Nats.
  9. So very, very, true.
  10. I also love slips. I took a few pictures a few years back.
  11. I first realised I was interested in stockings when I was about 5 or 6 years of age, and I first tried them when I was 7.
  12. From checking out my archives, it would appear I had quite the penchant for zooming in on my stocking adorned legs:
  13. My partner has always been 100% supportive, which is why she'll sometimes join me in my pictures.
  14. But I do have a few that are 4" high.
  15. Most of mine are 5" high.