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  1. Outstanding in every way, Jessie.
  2. I agree that the name of the MW forum may not represent the very broad church who post there. Several years ago I suggested a name change, but that idea wasn't well received by the guys who post and who only wear nylon. John Lydgate's (and thereafter Abraham Lincoln's) words spring to mind! But I digress.
  3. As much as I empathise with your last four words, I see no evidence of such "promotion". Yes, moderation is challenging, and arguably sporadic, but I would anticipate there are reasons for this. From what little I know of him, David is engaged in several projects and businesses, in between which I image he tries to shoehorn something of a private life. Having participated in several PM's with David and, unlike most (if not all) of the trolls on here, having also met the guy in person, I can say he has demonstrated an open-minded and tolerant approach to many of the wearers here on SHQ, including Trans people. Such acceptance torments the lonely half-dozen-or-so souls who troll these forums with their hundreds of registered accounts. This thread is just another example of them struggling to raise their self-esteem within the vacuum of their empty lives.
  4. Just the two of us in New York New York.
  5. A cheeky flash in Velvet Bar.
  6. A drink by the bar in One Canal Street.
  7. Following a brief but well-deserved sabbatical after Pride (my feet demanded it!), we were back in The Village and in One Canal Street Bar by 7pm. We were half way though our drinks when some random bloke walks in, and without even buying himself a drink, starts chating to us about “enjoying life, not enduring it”. I say chatting – more like lecturing. Anyway, it didn’t last long before he left, having still not bothered to even buy himself a drink. We finished ours and moved next door to Velvet Bar. Luckily he wasn’t there, so it was a perfect opportunity for a quick flash. With Mother’s Ruin unexpectedly shut, we had two rounds in The Goose. That same random bloke was in The Goose, but luckily for us he was boring two other guys (you could see the life force draining from their faces). And once again, that bloke hadn’t bought himself a drink. Next was New York New York for two rounds. It was so quiet we ended up having the whole bar to ourselves for most of the second round. Even the barman asked us to let customers know he’d be back soon as he desperately needed the toilet. The final venue of the night was the inevitable Napoleons. We caught a glimpse of Nick (from DNO 59), and he was once again wearing his huge foam boobs (think Kenny Everett’s Cupid Stunt). Another gentleman in Naps became so excited about dancing to one of his favourite tunes, he ended up taking his coat off, throwing it on the floor in front of him, and then started to flail his arms around like a windmill. Well at least he was enjoying himself. The one drink in Naps was our last, and we were back home by about midnight.