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  1. Who do you know that cross dresses

    Buy your own.
  2. Who do you know that cross dresses

    No. Not in 2019. With so much media awareness these days, most people are getting to grips with gender and sexuality. Even the Neanderthals are starting to get it! That being said, I'm not sure about Sun readers. How do they compare to Neanderthals on the knuckle-dragging scale?
  3. It’d been 53 days since the previous DNO – too long. So, with Christmas pretty much done, it was time to get those nylons on, along with a new dress from Coast and new heels from Next, and hit The Village. We started with a drink in Velvet, followed by two in The Goose. Whilst in The Goose a couple (both guys) asked us if we’d done Boxing Day in The Village 2 years ago. When we told them we had, they said they thought they’d remembered us. It was then that Julie also remembered them (I didn’t – my grey matter must be failing me). With that conversation over Julie and I were next in Via. From there the plan was On Bar, but en-route a young chap dragged us in to Lock 87, resplendent with their 6 other customers and their penchant for serving customers their drinks in plastic glasses. Yo ho ho! After a hastily drunk round we did end up in On Bar, where the occasionally funny but nevertheless overtly vulgar Drag Queen pointed me out and shouted into her sound system for all to hear “I bet you’re wearing stockings”, so I was obviously compelled to show her, and everyone else in On Bar, that I was. It was good to be out again.