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  1. D. N. O. 131 – Whoosh, and she’s gone!

    And that doesn't include any of the Sparkle days and nights. I also still remember to this day - vividly - that first night out a little over 6 years ago. The fear. The adrenaline. The anxiety. The exhilaration. What an emotional cocktail that was! If I can do it ... anyone can.
  2. D. N. O. 131 – Whoosh, and she’s gone!

    Dunno! Literally, one moment she was about to sit down with Julie in Centre Stage as I got the drinks, and then next she was almost running out of the place. It's also why Julie and I returned to The Goose, just in case we'd somehow, mysteriously, upset her or peeved her off. She told us on the night of DNO 130 that she (allegedly) has no social media presence whatsoever, therefore we're still none the wiser!
  3. D. N. O. 131 – Whoosh, and she’s gone!

    So get yer Antipodean arse over here.
  4. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so before the great day arrived, Julie and I paid another of our usual visits to Manchester’s Village. We began in One Canal Street for a couple of rounds (and a photo), followed by a single round in Velvet Bar. Whilst there, we booked a table for a meal on Boxing Day (26 December, to our colonial cousins). As we were having our only round in The Goose, Sophie (from DNO 130) happened to arrive, and so she joined us. Next up for the three of us was a round in New York New York, followed then by Centre Stage – a venue we rarely patronise. It turned out to be even rarer for Sophie because as I was bringing the drinks to our table, Sophie simply said she had to go and would explain another time. And almost in the blink of an eye, she was gone. Now we see her … now we don’t! Anyway, with those drinks in Centre Stage finished – well, apart from Sophie’s lemonade – Julie was kind enough to take a photo, although the camera found it a bit of a challenge given there was so much red in the picture. Our final venue for the night saw a return to The Goose for a couple more rounds, before calling it a night and back to the apartment. We’re still none-the-wiser as to why Sophie left so abruptly.
  5. Goth Tgirl back out on the town

    It's great to see you getting out, Pauline.