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  1. A gorgeous outfit.
  2. Beautifully suspendered.
  3. On a night out with my partner, and Rikki, and her partner, and other friends too, I was wearing Cervin Hanava fully fashioned Cuban heel stockings. £25-£30 a pair at the time (can't remember exactly). They cost more now. As always, I had spares with me for the night ... and I needed them. Four individual stockings laddered that night. Two pairs gone. Bye bye £50-£60. The following morning, as I considered the collateral damage of what was admittedly a good night out, I nevertheless couldn't stop thinking "WTF".
  4. Fair enough to those that wear under trousers, but I have to see and feel my nylons on my legs. And so does my partner.
  5. 100% with Lisa on the home machines - a daily routine would take you decades to make any progress. Also agree about laser over IPL - laser proved more permanent for me.
  6. You're probably one of the hottest couples on the Internet.
  7. Have pinstripes ever looked so good?
  8. So pleased for you that you have a great time. I look forward to seeing more pictures.
  9. So far it's been a very positive experience. It's important to make sure you use their offer of free remakes if you're not satisfied about the size and fit. From order to delivery it's usually less than two weeks, and the cost of the heels includes all shipping costs and import duties. As for the shoes themselves, so far, they've been exceptionally well made, and I can tell they're made to last. I used to buy a lot of Pleaser branded heels, and the quality of both materials and production is a world apart. As I've said to others, Shoes of Prey heels look gorgeous, and are built like tanks. Just make sure you spend time breaking them in before going out in them (which, as a general rule, is usually good advice for most new shoes).
  10. A photo opportunity in New Your New York.
  11. Another new pair of heels from Shoes of Prey.
  12. Never needing an excuse to break in some new heels (having already done some due diligence wearing them in the apartment a few days earlier), Julie and I were in Velvet Bar by 7pm whereupon we grabbed one of their settees and plonked ourselves down. Of the three guys opposite – it transpired a couple and a mutual friend – one of the couple was clearly worse for wear in the libation stakes. As he got up to go to the toilet he tripped over my heels, and thinking he’d tripped over the settee Julie and I were sitting on, snuck out a quick-but-angry kick to lash out at what he thought was the settee, but again turned out to be my foot. Thankfully the prospect of my hands around his throat was averted by the mutual friend who interjected and apologised profusely, so much so he bought Julie and I a drink. Thereafter it was all pretty mundane with Julie and I having a couple of rounds in The Goose (and a picture of my new heels), then New York New York (another photo opportunity), and finally a nightcap in Napoleons. And then because we were both tired from a rather draining week, it was back to the apartment by 11pm.
  13. Umm... One the one hand, I have a HUGE amount to say on this subject matter. But on the other, Folky does make a noteworthy point about where this is posted. I wonder if the Off Topic forum might be a better home? If so, it would be guaranteed a very robust discussion. And I do mean VERY.