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  1. 50s look or goth?

    Great pictures, Mandy. Just be careful that our long-standing resident T-Goth doesn't claim breach of copyright!
  2. D. N. O. 135 – A quick Friday night out

    You honour me, Jeff. You're a legend here on SHQ, but more importantly you're a real legend, an absolute gentleman, and overall such a wonderfully nice guy.
  3. D. N. O. 135 – A quick Friday night out

    Thank you so much. It's a Hawes and Curtis blouse.
  4. Julie and I started the night in Oscars by 7pm. Shortly before 8pm we were in One Canal Street, and I bought a second round just before Helen arrived. With Julie a little under the weather, she decided to call it a night, leaving Helen and I to make our way to the upstairs bar in The Molly House, whereupon we had a quick chat with a couple of guys who were very much enjoying the night. After a drink in Via we made our way to On Bar, where we had a chat with the local Drag Queen, Lee Star. We stayed for a second round before I decided to call it a night myself, and head home.
  5. Lingerie malfunction on This Morning

    It says a lot about the people who take the Daily Fail seriously.
  6. Happy Birthday Boss

    A big Happy Birthday to you, David.