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  1. Entire YouTube channel of them!
  2. As a cyclist one sometimes sees some interesting sightings on a Sunday morning in the lanes around Sheffield heading into the Peak District. In the past I have seen a nice bra nailed to a tree, recently a lot of tights ditched in laybys but I always notice the lack of stockings, not necessarily a sign no one wears them but of course a fact that they tend to not get removed by the wearer in such circumstances- all signs of fun the night before but today at Redmires Reservoir (a known dogging and al fresco hanky panky site) there is a single Cervin black opaque stocking with their signature contrast red seam and welt that is 'worn' by a thigh thick fence post, the lower leg flying in the wind. Nice to know someone else other than Mrs Sheffcouple has (or had) a pair of those round here but I wonder, is this more than just litter, are these things meant to be signs?