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    Sports to keep me fit and my shopping fetish for shoes and stockings,don't think any outfit is complete without stockings and a nice pair of heels
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  1. Early Xmas Pics

    Thanks all one more before I fly off
  2. Hi just a quick note it’s time for me to head off for a warmer climate for Xmas as if 34% here isn’t warm enough but mad dog and Englishmen and all that. Just wanted to thank SHQ for running this site and all the lovely guys and girls who post pics and make lovely comments. The site for me someone who hasn’t really come out in the open on my love of dressing is a place to find some peace with people who understand and not quick to judge. So I’m off in a couple of days merry Xmas to everyone as don’t think I will be online while I’m away xx Have a few more Xmas pics will try and download before I leave