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    Stockings, flirting, any excuse to parade my legs and fitness, All my pics are genuienly me x
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    Wolford sheer to waist or any seamed stocking with a cuban heel
  1. First outing

    My first time out is posted as my first pics in my gallery, i had dabbled at home on and off for a couple of years and then had a day to myself where i just went for it, i got completly dressed in a little lurex dress and stockings and a black basque with mybreastforms and a nice wig in a bag and jeans and jacket over the top i jumped on a train to a small town a short ride away and on the way down applied the rest of my makeup and breast forms and wig and bagged up my clothes and shoes in a small bag and finally donned a little pair of black heels as i heard the announcement for my stop and as the doors beeped i opened the toilet door and walked through the carraige and on to the platform and without another thought out through the barriers and into the world. I spotted a little over grown area and even managed to conceal my bag of bits leaving just me as Michelle with a little handbag. Nerves and adrenaline aside it felt amazing to walk down that street and it being a seaside town i found myself in a dockside area. Knowing pleasant looks from passing ladies and horny aroused stares from passing gents who stared at my legs (my best parts) and the seams as i tottered by on my heels and even some wolf whistles gave me that amazing boost i needed to enjoy every second. 2 passing workers approached followed me for 5 minutes obviously taking pictures of my arse amd legs. After finding a quiet spot for some pictures for myself a dog walker saw and offered to take some pictures which turned out amazing and he obviously enjoyed it too. I decided to quit while i was ahead an return to the station. I collected my belongings and joined the train walking through the carraige with a couple more admiring glances before i entered the toilet as michelle and exited as with nobody else the wiser - amazing day inspired me to carry on xx