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  1. I've just started working from home a couple of days per week and have enjoyed dressing as Zoe most times I do. I'm at home today and have dressed in a lovely black pencil skirt, white blouse and of course stockings, heels, hair and makeup. I just love spending the day feeling so feminine and get a thrill chatting to work colleges and clients as a girl in the office. It feels so natural and I love choosing what to wear as if I was going into work. Tuesday whilst working from home a set of works drawings were sent over by courier for me to look at, and it wasn't until there was a knock on the door that It finally crossed my mind that I was dressed as Zoe, wearing a shortish skirt, black opaques and boots. Although I had spent hours on my look, with hair makeup and accessories I didn't want to open the door and be seen, but I had to sign for the drawings and didn't want them left with a neighbour which would mean id have to change to go collect them or risk a neighbour calling round + my colleges were expecting me to call them once id looked at the paperwork and give an opinion asap. I was in a panic until 2 things happened, 1st I thought I'm never going to see this courier again and he doesn't know anyone at work and secondly I walked past a full length mirror in my hall and I had to admit I loved how I looked. So with not much choice and wanting to spend the day being Zoe, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves walked to the front door and opened it. The courier who had started walking away turned round smiled and said hi to me without any problem. I signed for the drawings and loved how my painted nails looked as I smiled and gently shut the door. I was then able to continue with my work and stayed dressed for the rest of the day feeling wonderful and very girly. I guess we just need to be ourselves and relax about what other people think, but maybe that's easier said than done. Just thought I'd share a day in the working life of Zoe.