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  1. Night away

    Hope she gave you a bed bath wearing that very sexy outfit!!
  2. I'm not normally a lover of cold weather, but those stockings & legs could persuade me otherwise!!
  3. Lyndum Express

    Looking hot enough to power that steam train!!
  4. Hold Ups - sorry

    Fabulous pics Lynn. You have the most amazing legs!!
  5. Excellent choice for a weekend away. Hope you manage to get lots of pics
  6. Pub Lunch

    Sensational outfit for a pub lunch.
  7. New Outfit

    That is one very sexy outfit!! Very well modellled too!!
  8. Flapper dress ++

    Very classy outfit, made even better by those gorgeous stocking clad legs!!
  9. Here are a few pics of Mrs Legs on a recent cruise. Almost ready to go out. Suspender bumps on show. Flashing around the ship