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    Ladies in fully fashioned stockings and nice footwear preferably classic heels.
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    Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel

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  1. I can take that a sea of horrible 100 denier tights that seem to be everywhere ! Why are women so happy to conform to that look!! It’s hideous and ugly and unflattering!! I don’t care if I upset anyone with that comment!
  2. Again I will reiterate!! The quality of your wonderful photos you share are on a different level! The way you present yourself in fantastic stockings, shoes and clothes are tasteful and very classy! Then....there is the photography, again on a another level way above what most people can achieve. Absolutely fantastic all round, please contribute as often as you can.....everybody loves what you do!!
  3. My favourite stockings wearing lady! Faultless.....pristine in every way. So classy!!