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  1. There are a lot of lingerie shops in the Dubai shopping malls....moreso than here on high street especially in the Mall of The Emirates Agent Provacateur, Victoria Secrets etc... My best friend whose lived out there for decades she being European ex pat says its normal, that a lot of the sophisticated wife gfs of the wealthy locals spend thousands of Dirhams on kinky stuff that only their husbands/bfs see under those burkas. Food fort thought .. cheers
  2. Boris Johnson burqa remarks.

    My philosophy is live and let live...however I sense a lot of (if you forgive me for saying this) support / axe to grind / snowflake issues come from either very anti this that and the other crowd or laughingly Muslim converts. The ridiculous and inherrant unsafe Burkina was a brainchild by an Oz muslim convert. A senior Imam in the UK said laughingly in BJ's defence there was not anything in the Koran that stated women should be covered up completely. I see less Burkas when I am in Dubai on business...put it this way then here in UK. only full cover is by those well to do wealthy who would like their wives/gfs to be not visible to other males out there and believe me there are very few and far between. When yoi=u do see their eyes, beautiful you can imagine underneath there is one hell of a stunning figure underneath.. re the Burkina BS, someone on one of my militayr forums said before the snowflake/liberals throw their defense of wearing it (surpirsingly have not heard not seen much of burkinas used on beaches.. never seen one on Al Jumail beach funnily enough) looking at the bigger picture could end up with western female values being under threat..... cheers
  3. I'm wondering if she is 'Toni' the teacher from one of Ben Dover films in the mid 90s as she does look familiar . Basically the plot is Ben and his mate Steve (in leather biker jacket and studs and black leather thong under neath his jeans) pick up Toni whose in spotty black hosiery (which turns out to be hold ups) and flowery dress persuade her to model leather and pvc. First outfit is leather skirt, leather suspenders black stockings and she performs oral on Steve (taking his jeans off and voiula black leather man thong) then keeps the heels and bare legs with black zipped leather pants and top and more fun ensures.
  4. @44:51, reporter takes off stocking and replaces it with another cheers
  5. Her channel came up as a suggestion on my youtube feed... had a quick gander did not see anything resembling stockings till posted on here. cheers
  6. Classic Carl Weathers action thriller set down under @00@11:27 into film cheers