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  1. Are these ok

    Very stunning beautiful in every detail cheers
  2. She spends thousands of Aus dollars and has no less than 150 sets... xheers
  6. Random Rare

    lass with the French maids outfit, raising her skirt - black stockings, red garters is Suzy Kendall from Fraulein Doktor and that scene leads ona bit lol @33:03 with some umm female tension onwards between Suzy Kendall and Capucinn who plays the Dr Saforet also showing stockings and garters There are others such as 21:30 and @36:45
  7. Recently, a centuries hold shoemaking firm closed its doors for the last time, in Norwich. BBC Look East reporter who interviewed one of the peeps that worked/owned it cited that women were wearing and buying less high heels etc etc thus one of the factors (apart from cheaper stuff made abroad) that led to eventual closing of this icon. Any thoughts here? cheers