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  1. Nope shes defo got stockings / hold ups on ...can see welt clearly and no its not a shadow. More apparent at 6;05 cheers
  2. No Pants

    This thread is absolute PANtS 😝🤪 Outstanding as always Weasel cheers
  3. In lieu of the event of Tuesday night lol, saw this on mates FB page... cheers
  4. I thought was seeing things when watching the debate on tv..whose the Mp they belong to? Also think on the beeb yesterday ...saw Chi’s black clad nylon legs on the back bench? cheers
  5. Hopeful sightings as there was few years back when they had this and one or two sightings in the press especially of a lass in black stockings and Aussies under her shirt as she waited in the tube station platform.