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  1. Flights to Tunisia

    My gf's best friend's hubby is Tunisian....thus he took his wife and daughter, my gfs old man and stepmother to Tunisa for a hol last summer. It appears incidents. Getting back to what happened the other year, and the media coverage - couple of things spring to mind... 1) The video footage amatuer of the shooting, and news coverage of resort.. 2) The repratriation - at RAF Brize Norton - the RAF C-17A Globemaster landing solemnly at the base, and the members of the RAF Regt or so acting as pallbearers and the row of hearses to take the remains to HM Coroner's office at Fulham (yep same path lab mortuary where late Princes of Wales was taken 2 and half decades ago for autopsy). Usually the arrival of caskets at B-N tended to be of service personnel KIA in Iraq or Afghanistan and a sadder journey to John Radcliffe Hospital for autopsies by pathologists from Army/RN/RAF. (do not know why we use coffins instead of transfer cases like the USA do for repratriation of the deceased by air) 3) fast forward to week or two later, with mass entourage of media outside think Fulham - with three of the deceased in caskets being wheeled out by six funeral directors.....on BBC1 News. TBH didnt look like start of a funeral, as no flowers on the caskets nor - pallbearers so probably they were relased by HM Coroner satisifed with autopsy results to the respective families. 4) After that the odd camera crew returns to the resort then nothing
  2. Any thoughts on this please ? I suspect this has come about from the David Walliams charity fund raising party or what the press deemed as inappropriate behaviour with female escorts. Sadly Great Ormond gave back the half million which was raised for them at the wasn’t like raised say from drugs trade or human trafficking......or murder for that matter. Half million is not something the NHS can afford to return or be without nowadays. lets hope this doesn’t happen at my airshows with the likes of Farnborough or Paris et al... some of the comments laughingly pointing at doom and gloom ...fearing it be end of barmaids cheerleading squadsnext etc At same time it appears no one has asked the models if they enjoyed what they were doing ...or hated it...and at same time it could easily lead to career loss. Darts were the first sports to end the grid girls .... cheers