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    rhts cervins and clio on my partner marge.marge loves to flash her tops in hotels pubs and while shopping...always up for one to one chats online or offline...guys or couples..we are a very genuine mature couple wishing to make friends with other genuine couple or guys...but please don't tell us lies.
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    clio cervin

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  1. Irish

    Do you actually have a wife that wears GIOs?????
  2. Sheer stockings with wrinkle

    Lovely legs..lovely sheer nylons lovely shoes... and the wrinkles are magnificent.... but the anklet??? Not my cup of tea... doesn't suit the do not need it... your sexy enough... love Marge.
  3. Fitting something new

    In what way????
  4. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I do not rant..l observe and comment..and to say the DUP and the Catholic church are similar..what planet do you live on...keep playing in your flute band and stop pretending to being open minded...once a bigot always a bigot...but that is only my opinion on some people who spout platltudes..lm not saying you two are are two marching it hard marching in you still wear bobby socks over your tights or do you dare to wear joking.
  5. Irish Forum Members : Regular Wearers

    another great photo Rooney.... ever up north let billso and myself Marge.
  6. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Just keep marching and do not change anything... typical.
  7. Coffee Shop

    Very Daring.
  8. Random TV Shows

    Great collection of stocking photos.
  9. Japan, South Korea And Taiwan

    Have you
  10. Japan, South Korea And Taiwan

    Any evidence... photos?
  11. Leather/PVC etc.

    Weasel some of your photos are great but your moving in the wrong direction... are these T,V sightings or are you going to start other fetishes..lm serious lets stick to stockings and only STOCKINGS.
  12. Alberts versus Hanes

    Can you buy Albert or Hanes in Britain ??? Well does anyone know ..It would give me more choice from Gio..Cervin and Clio.Saying that those three make great stockings.Love Marge.
  13. wow

    This photo belongs to someone else... Am l correct?