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    rhts cervins and clio on my partner marge.marge loves to flash her tops in hotels pubs and while shopping...always up for one to one chats online or offline...guys or couples..we are a very genuine mature couple wishing to make friends with other genuine couple or guys...but please don't tell us lies.
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    clio cervin

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  1. the last 4 we took of our friend

    I believe you are trying to turn this stocking forum into a porn site...l think your photos lower the tone..this is a site for stocking admirers.
  2. Denier Court wkend

    love your suspenders.
  3. Very nice,,a very sexy photo.
  4. Mistress Marg

    A little to kinkyfor this my humble Marge to another.
  5. bullying

    Totally katiess other half and bill sorted it need for any more comments...LOVE Marge.
  6. bullying

    I do not know what you are talking about and l certainly do not intend to get involved with you whoever you are
  7. Nylons -High Heels Fetish In Belgie

    Agree..don't think you need show so much..your imagination can be such a wonderful thing.
  8. A very sexy mature lady who has said that she likes to wear stockings on occasions.
  9. BBC health website

    Where did cervix come in..omg..l didn't mean to give a biology will take some stick for Marge.
  10. BBC health website

    I wear geo cervin nylons
  11. BBC health website

    I agree they are sexy and l have worn stockings for over 40 years but sometimes the media seem to portray a lady who wears stockings must be up for it or they are trying to seduce a gent etc without going on about it.l wear geo or cervix or Clio because they are proper non stretch nylons..they make my legs look good and that makes me feel good..l very rarely wear seams but proper ffns add so much to a ladies legs.What lm simply saying that the media and a lot of people associate stockings with SEX..l do not..l associate stockings with elegance and a past when most ladies wore nylons and most ladies were elegant. If a lady has great legs and wears sheer tights that can be elegant also..but l am simply saying a lady is not up for sex because she wears stockings but she can still be sexy.
  12. bullying

    Thank you for your comments and as you see we are still here and going to enjoy being a member of this great site no matter how much certain people will try to intimidate us.
  13. bullying

    Just to let all members know..we are being bullied by a well known member and her husband and also some of her supporters and l will not be leaving this site..l will not name these people but l ask them to leave us alone... just leave us alone.