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    like to see women wearing stockings and lingerie, unfortunately my wife no longer sees the need to wear them for me anymore.
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  1. Voyeurism issue - Upskirt law

    I should if the breeze blows the skirt up while the picture is being taken, it should be ok, as is a lady twirling around while dancing being fully aware that she is showing all.
  2. FIRE

    I wish it had been Gill xxx
  3. FIRE

    I wish it had been Gill xxx
  4. FIRE

    This will certainly light a few fires gill
  5. A nice lightweight short dress with a pair of sheer seamed ff stockings and some medium height light coloured, heeled shoes. I live just uver the border in Hampshire.
  6. Lovely, I'd love to sit near her on the train.
  7. Kitty & Mouse in nylons

    I would if I could.
  8. I'll make certain that I stop and chat with you next time.
  9. You were busy whenever I came past
  10. It's lovely see Karen wearing seams, we spoke at Brooklands.
  11. My wifes teasing

    Please pass my thanks to your good lady for letting you share your pictures of her with us, she looks amazing.
  12. Looking good Karen, lovely outfit, I like your straps, have a good show.
  13. Sorry, I was replying to the comment about my previous post
  14. To remind you lot what this 'discussion' is all about, get off your high horses and enjoy the forums or LEAVE.