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    like to see women wearing stockings and lingerie, unfortunately my wife no longer sees the need to wear them for me anymore.
    motor racing
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    all stockings especially fully fashioned

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  1. Fed up of Fakes

    I would gladly introduce myself to you flutters but I think the last time we were in the same location, broklands this year, you had family with you so I respected your space and admired from a polite distance.
  2. I agree with you, surely the whole idea is freedom to post anything concerning stockings,
  3. Robs Sexy Devil ++

    Superb pics, thanks
  4. Unusual find

    Why? Yes, In the packing, I don't just admire. 😊
  5. Unusual find

    Yes I did but I'm not sure what to do with them yet
  6. Are these ok

    Awesome pictures, thanks
  7. April 2019 Oxford get together

    Maybe you could throw a sicky flutterby? 😏
  8. April 2019 Oxford get together

    Thanks, I have emailed Mr katiesheer and and reserved a bed at thr Oxford backpackers, very reasonable if you don't mind sharing xxxx
  9. Cycling

    Do any of you beautiful lady cycle to and from work or just cycle generally wearing stockings and suspenders? there used to be a lady near where I work that did and a friends mum used to years ago.
  10. Unusual find

    While checking the local charity shops this Saturday I found some Aristoc Backseamed Knee highs, has anyone ever seen any.