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    like to see women wearing stockings and lingerie, unfortunately my wife no longer sees the need to wear them for me anymore.
    motor racing
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    all stockings especially fully fashioned

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  1. warm here

    Awesome, We're out in majorca now Gill, if you'd like to pop round and join us please , it's a little chilly here this evening xxxx
  2. Uniform 999

    OH Matron!
  3. Lady Seaton Lunch 13.8.18

    It's lovely to see evidence of some of lady Seatons 14 straps as she gets into the car.
  4. Karen

    Having met Karen, I have to agree, she is truly a lovely beautiful person.
  5. Stockings Shoot

    Whot's not to like Lynn its a lovely picture of you in your stockings and suspenders xxx
  6. Posing for a Picture

    Lovely as always Sue xxx
  7. My profile has been hacked

    One wonders why anyone would want to do such a thing on here especially you, and what they hope to gain, unless it's one of the unmentionables on here. I hope you get it sorted Lot and can get back to posting again soon xxxx
  8. Stairs are blocked

    Just finished looking at your photo when a blond lady with a similar tattoo around her left thigh walked past 🙂
  9. Karen

    Lovely pictures again Chris
  10. What’re you stair-ing at?....

    Do I really need to say, the view is awesome
  11. Great pictures again Rob, keep them coming please.