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  1. Setting up the shoot

    I need tidying up after looking at all your pictures xxx
  2. The Perfect Pose: Part 6

    This last picture is amazing 😉 love it with white pantys showing and those legs wow and shoes stunning xxxx i don’t know why but the last picture is my favourite picture of all the ones I’ve seen on this site .. just floats my boat
  3. Suppose im one of the lucky few who is able to dress like this openly with the wife .....she in kitchen making coffee im just chillin in conservatory just had shower now wearing just ordinary 15 den tan tights nothing special and a longish T shirt.....xx
  4. Seamless for a night out

    have to say it VINDALOO HOT HOT xxxxx
  5. Apologies in advance...

    Thumbs up and other things x
  6. Very first post :)

    Great 1sr post xxx more please
  7. Pantyhose Shoot

    Beautiful how you can make a pair of tights so sexy and horny xxxx
  8. Pantyhose Shoot

    Yep attention xx perfection xxx what a stunning lady
  9. Getting ready for work today

    Part 2 with a wax mmmmm
  10. Amazing just beautiful xx what a stunning body xxx
  11. Pantyhose Rear - as requested

    Now that I like xx beautiful what a sight xxx to be stood behind
  12. Driving down Rochdale Rd this morning on my way in to Manchester just passed Bernard mannings club crawling slow in traffic.... police car coming the other way has we got close I’m high up in my cab ..looking down driver on his own was eating a McDonald’s and a large coffee between his legs ... 🤬 I shouted to him WTF he just looked .... what if he got an emergency or something ..what would have happened if I was doing that driving 🤪🤪 well done mr plod