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    Enjoy 40s events and all that goes with them ...
    Love to be photographed , hubby is my main photographer....
    Favourite stockings are Eleganti but adore Aristoc vintage stockings....
    Really enjoy the photo shoots we do and Im always on the look out for unusual venues ...so If anyone has anywhere that we could use please get intouch.....BUT it has to be something different ....and anything vintage ..eg cars or buildings even better ..
    We are always happy to meet people for a drink or a coffee if ever your near Gloucestershire....
    We always meet up as a couple so PLEASE do not ask to meet me without my husband being present...
    It would just be for a drink and a chat ...nothing more !

    Like to chat in the chatroom but polite chat please...
    Please ask in the main chatroom before taking me into private chat .....

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  1. It seems that people are missing the true meaning of these  amazing 40’s events that are staged around the country by turning them Into stockings sightings events !

    we attend many of these events  and  there is far more going on than just to get a sighting of a pair of legs in seams !


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    2. Katiesheer


      I totally Agree you totty and I also have been a victim  of the lurkers ! 

      I have no objection to people coming and saying hi but I do object to people following us like lap dogs for the entire day ! 

      This is One  of the reasons we have done very few 40s events this year .. and as for people promoting 40s events for stockings viewings on shq I just find so very wrong !