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    Enjoy 40s events and all that goes with them ...
    Love to be photographed , hubby is my main photographer....
    Favourite stockings are Eleganti but adore Aristoc vintage stockings....
    Really enjoy the photo shoots we do and Im always on the look out for unusual venues ...so If anyone has anywhere that we could use please get intouch.....BUT it has to be something different ....and anything vintage ..eg cars or buildings even better ..
    We are always happy to meet people for a drink or a coffee if ever your near Gloucestershire....
    We always meet up as a couple so PLEASE do not ask to meet me without my husband being present...
    It would just be for a drink and a chat ...nothing more !

    Like to chat in the chatroom but polite chat please...
    Please ask in the main chatroom before taking me into private chat .....

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  1. As you will appreciate there is a tendancy for people on this site to get a mixed message with regards to events and stockings gatherings , I am just keen to ensure my guests and any future guests get the right feedback... I didnt feel my reply was aggressive I was just stating a fact and wondering why you had asked .... And you are right I am not the only stockings wearer on this site but I am one of the few genuine female stockings wearers that supports her profile with photos and positive contributions Katie
  2. Can i ask why you have such an interest in an event that you are not attending ,or have ever shown any interest in attending or is your questioning just trying to be controversial ... My event is open to my friends and genuine couples and singles with an interest in stockings... Previous events have been very succesful and I will continue to organise this event as long as people who attend enter into the true spirit of things ... Katie
  3. Absolutely ! Lol xxx
  4. Legsontour February Fundraiser

    Glad it went well , such a shame we couldnt make it .. Katie xxxxx
  5. Revisiting old photos 3

    You can “punch “ my ticket anytime ! Katie xx
  6. Brief Encounter ....a little film noir.. While getting on the train a laddered one of my nylons , but the kind gentleman was happy to assist me !
  7. One of Mrkatiesheers favourite sets, me getting ready for a wedding ...
  8. Hopefully doing some new photo shoots very soon , we have been a little quite on the photo posting front of late, so until we get some new sets here are some older sets , some you may have seen some maybe new to you. Starting off with... SHQ WINDOW CLEANER
  9. Visited the venue today just to check everything is all ok ...all systems go ... Looking forward to seeing all my guests at the end if april....... the bar staff and the locals....are looking forward to welcoming "the colourful " crowd once again ! Katie xxx