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    Enjoy 40s events and all that goes with them ...
    Love to be photographed , hubby is my main photographer....
    Favourite stockings are Eleganti but adore Aristoc vintage stockings....
    Really enjoy the photo shoots we do and Im always on the look out for unusual venues ...so If anyone has anywhere that we could use please get intouch.....BUT it has to be something different ....and anything vintage ..eg cars or buildings even better ..
    We are always happy to meet people for a drink or a coffee if ever your near Gloucestershire....
    We always meet up as a couple so PLEASE do not ask to meet me without my husband being present...
    It would just be for a drink and a chat ...nothing more !

    Like to chat in the chatroom but polite chat please...
    Please ask in the main chatroom before taking me into private chat .....

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  1. NW Cheshire Nylon meet

    We would be interested in coming along Katie xx
  2. What a brilliant weekend, a stockings meet in Birmingham and then to Cardiff yesterday to watch the Wales -Australia game ... recovery today ! Lol xx

    1. Hmr32v6


      Hi Katie

      Who were you supporting Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 or  Australia 🇦🇺 ?

      G xx

    2. marks850


      Was an amazing atmosphere. Well done wales!

    3. Katiesheer


      Neither really  as I live the other side of the River Severn !lol 



  3. I just wanted to get the date out there for my annual Oxford stockings get together. The event will be on saturday April 13th and we will send details out around late October , just wanted to let everyone know the date for their diaries .. Katie xxx
  4. As you know I hold an event each year for couples along with a few single gentlemen who come along. I get private messaged alot by guys wishing to attend events like mine but either the date is not suitable or the location is not right and then of course there are some events dont allow single guys . Mr Katiesheer and myself are often away for weekends on our own and would be lovely to meet with a few of the gentlemen from here for a drink and a chat. So here is an offer.....I am considering a one off meeting for gentlemen only, location to be decided but possibly central UK maybe Brmingham just to meet up for a drink in the evening and get to know a few of you who would like to meet . PM me if you are interested and we will see what we can arrange , it will depend on how much interest there is... Katie xx