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    Enjoy 40s events and all that goes with them ...
    Love to be photographed , hubby is my main photographer....
    Favourite stockings are Eleganti but adore Aristoc vintage stockings....
    Really enjoy the photo shoots we do and Im always on the look out for unusual venues ...so If anyone has anywhere that we could use please get intouch.....BUT it has to be something different ....and anything vintage ..eg cars or buildings even better ..
    We are always happy to meet people for a drink or a coffee if ever your near Gloucestershire....
    We always meet up as a couple so PLEASE do not ask to meet me without my husband being present...
    It would just be for a drink and a chat ...nothing more !

    Like to chat in the chatroom but polite chat please...
    Please ask in the main chatroom before taking me into private chat .....

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  1. Cotswold Revival

    Ooh my part of the world .. done many a photo shoot there ... Katie xx
  2. I want to say a big thank you to UKPhotographer for a lovely evening , lovely to catch up with you .

    Wonderful meal and a fun photo shoot ! Lol 

    Cant wait to see the results .. but next time please get the music sorted lol .....




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    2. The Return of the Ark

      The Return of the Ark

      Mmmmm....Intriguing.  I was once told by a friend of mine who is a photographer that atmosphere is everything.   However, having seen past photo session photos between Katiesheer and UKphotographer, I am pretty sure that everything will have worked out successfully.    

    3. UKPhotographer


      Don’t thank me Katie - the pleasure was all mine and you’re an absolute star xx.

      thanks for those positive comments gents - if the results aren’t up to scratch then it’s 100% my fault. 

      Atmosphere is important but Katie brings her own by the bucket load, Regardless, a new Sonos and Spotify subscription is on the way ;)

      wish I could process the pics right now but won’t get the chance for a few days - and i know it will be very difficult to concentrate !!!




    4. albnyl


      They are sure great pics for the subject and the photographer, can't wait to see

  3. Thank you Steve , it was an amazing garage ... Ive never seen so many very old petrol pumps and other car memorabilia . Mr Katiesheer was in his element as he’s a massive petrol head ... I’m surprised I got a look in ! Lol Katie xx
  4. Looking forward to meeting my other favourite photographer at the weekend ! Hope you have your camera ready xxx

    1. SeamsFFun


      Looking forward to seeing the results!


    2. UKPhotographer


      Ever ready Katie ;) No pressure then Jeff !

      I bet I'm looking forward to it at least as much as you are ...


    3. wifeingios


      We are all eagerly awaiting the results Katie.

  5. A big thank you to the SHQ member ( you know who you are ) who allowed me to pose with some classic Ford Capri's and other classic cars , it was a lovely day out if a little on the warm side .