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    Enjoy 40s events and all that goes with them ...
    Love to be photographed , hubby is my main photographer....
    Favourite stockings are Eleganti but adore Aristoc vintage stockings....
    Really enjoy the photo shoots we do and Im always on the look out for unusual venues ...so If anyone has anywhere that we could use please get intouch.....BUT it has to be something different ....and anything vintage ..eg cars or buildings even better ..
    We are always happy to meet people for a drink or a coffee if ever your near Gloucestershire....
    We always meet up as a couple so PLEASE do not ask to meet me without my husband being present...
    It would just be for a drink and a chat ...nothing more !

    Like to chat in the chatroom but polite chat please...
    Please ask in the main chatroom before taking me into private chat .....
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  1. I would like to open up the invitation to my Halloween Party later this year to general SHQ members... The date is Saturday the 26th of October and the venue is a pub in Oxford (full details will be provided once you are confirmed) The party will be Halloween fancy dress with an emphasis on stockings and the “vamp look” but fancy dress is not compulsory so please do not be put off by having to dress up The venue will be suitably decorated and music will be provided for those looking to remind us of their bit part in Michael Jackson’s thriller video all those years ago This has the makings of a fun night and a chance for all you extroverts to go a little over the top with your outfits and costumes, if you want to attend but not dress up in the theme of the evening that would be fine as it’ always nice to see old friends and meet new ones This invitation has been sent out privately to all our regular party guests, if you are new to attending these stockings themed events we need to know a little a bit about you first, also if you have a slightly dubious record of winding people up on SHQ there is no need to apply, sorry to have to say that but our events have a fun relaxed atmosphere and my aim is to keep things in that easy going party mood, If you wish to attend and know someone who can vouch for you that would also be fine. Those new to these events can relax in the knowledge that everyone attending has been vetted, or we know them well, should you wish to discuss this either PM myself or catch up with me if you are ever here in the chat room Whenever we open up an invite to an event we get a small number of people who really but have no intension of attending or for some reason can’t attend, if that’s the case please do not put us through the trouble of vetting you, if you are new to the stocking party scene I can assure you will be made very welcome and meet some new and lovely people This invitation has been opened up to members of Heels & Seams (H&S) as well SHQ in the hope we can get a really good turn out and some new faces Finally the other reason for this post is to catch any of our friends that we may have unfortunatly missed off the original email invitation... Look forward to your responce Katie xx
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