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  1. Is this for real

    I doubt that it is intentional, as the blonde on the far right's skirt seems to ride up as they get farther into the segment. When they return from the (edited out) commercial break, her skirt is pulled back down and nothing shows. However, as the segment progresses, her skirt does ride up again, repeatedly. At about the 54:00 minute mark, her skirt rides up pretty good. At one point, she shifts in her chair and I caught a glimpse of bare skin above the top of the hold up. At about the 55:00 mark, she shifts, uncrosses, and re-crosses her legs, giving a flash of white lacey panty. You'll also see her occasionally tugging her skirt down while on camera, so I don't believe this to be intentional exposure. Just my 2p worth...
  2. Won't be stranded for long...
  3. Feet in nylon

    Always liked L's knees in nylon... cute feet, too...
  4. Feeding the Ducks

    Those must be some VERY happy ducks...