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  1. I guess my answer is: it depends... Boots: The style of boots that Mrs. FC is wearing in the pictures is too close to a western or cowboy boot. They're a bit incongruous with the rest of her ensemble. My personal preference is a knee-length boot with a heel of at least 3". Her boots are too casual for her look. Heels/Pumps: Perfect with any type of seamed nylons, provided that the heel is, again, at least 3", preferably higher. Either pumps (I believe you call them "Court Shoes" in British English) or slingbacks. Slingbacks, in my opinion, were MADE for fully fashioned nylons to emphasize the heel detail. Bare feet: Once the shoes or boots come off, the real fun can begin... I realize that this is pretty much a non-answer, but I just thought I'd throw in my 2p worth. I might add that Mrs. FC looks thrilling regardless of which mode she's in.