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    I love sheer tights/pantyhose and wear them about 5 days per week. The other two days I will be in holdups or stockings and some very feminine knickers! :) I love heels and painting my pretty toes in pretty colours. I have to list dresses, skirts, blouses, lingerie, bodies and bras as my other special interests. Most of my items are bought based on how sheer and silky they are. I am the proud owner of a purple Tutu and a French Maids outfit for weekend cleaning sessions.
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    Wolford (Number 1 by far!!!), Falke, Fogal (luxurious but v.expensive), Calzedonia, Oroblu, Trasparenze, Hanes Reflections Silky Sheer, L'eggs Sheer Energy Vitality, Platino, Aristoc, Charnos, Pretty Polly, Levante, Filodoro, Calvin Klein (some and some are awful!), DKNY

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  1. I am curious how many members have an interest in leggings! This could be a leggings fetish which centres on seeing or being more intimate with individuals in leggings. Or it could be actually wearing leggings. I love to observe and I have also worn leggings with sheer tights underneath for a few years now for sports. I have recently taken to wearing them about the house more and more just because leggings are so comfortable and convenient. I have worn Wolford velvet 66 leggings mainly but have recently tried other brands including CdRs which provided a little more coverage. A very dear friend on this site recently got me into higher den and more shiny leggings. I rarely wear leggings without tights as I guess I just can't resist the waistband peeking out the top and my nylon clad feet and toes peeking out the bottom. Just curious how many others wear leggings...