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  1. How common is the tights fetish?

    I grew up in the 80s so my nylon fetish was built on tights and pantyhose. I discovered stockings later on. Stockings are nice because they offer access to the naughty bits; they are definitely sexier. That being said, tights and flats are a big turn on for me. I think it's really cute look. Think Zoeey Deschenel!
  2. But Rita Ora is no granny!
  3. I like them and I think that knee highs are better than nothing!
  4. Hello all, I recently found this blog on Tumblr and if you love tights or pantyhose this is right up your alley. The name is Mytights Kimber and she posts some amazing pictures and short videos http://mytights-kimber.tumblr.com Enjoy!
  5. I don't know why, but the stocking feet on the dashboard are quite sexy. What a wonderful view you gave other drivers!