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  1. Hello all, I have to admit that I have a dual fetish. When I was 12 years old and my pubescent hormones were raging I fell in love with girls wearing nylons. Like many here on this board, I loved the shine, the sheerness and the silky feel of that nylon material. At this time I also developed a foot fetish; specifically a nylon foot fetish. This started while I was sneaking peeks at my stepfather's girlie magazines and saw this pictorial of a girl wearing a garter belt and pink seamed stockings. The director of these photographs had the model kick off her heels but leave on her stockings revealing her pretty nylon feet and toes. These combination of that wonderful nylon material, sensual female curves and pretty high arched feet and painted toes released a fire in me that exists to this day. Stocking feet absolutely turn me on! When Mrs Ratrob kicks off her shoes and reveals her nylon covered feet I am in heaven and powerless! I grew up in the 1980s, and this was not a bad time to have a nylon foot fetish because many girls still wore pantyhose on a regular basis; this was the last great nylon decade. I would still see nylons on women in public, you would see nylons on TV and in the movies and many times you would see girls kick off their shoes revealing pretty nylon covered feet and toes. Girls in my middle school started wearing heels and pantyhose because they wanted to be thought of as grown up. This was before Britney Spears was making middle aged men feel uncomfortable with her underaged sexuality. There was still a difference between girls and women; girls were "cute" and women were "sensual and sexy." I remember sitting in my pre-algebra class and Susie who sat in the next aisle kicked off her heels and started wiggling her nylon toes. Forget the quadratic formula; how could I concentrate on math when Susie was revealing her nylon toes to me just a couple seats away? I remember the first time Mrs Ratrob put her nylon covered feet in my lap while we were lounging on the couch; I was in heaving rubbing her silky feet and toes! I also remember the first time I kissed her nylon covered toes and looked up to see her with one raised eyebrow and a slight smirk on her face as she realized what turned me out. She would regularly wear nylons and stockings for me from that point and always knew how to get my attention! I'm just reminiscing today about how I have loved nylons and pretty feet for so long. I know that stockings and foot fetish are two separate things but they kinda went together as anybody who remembers Leg Show magazine can understand and I'm wondering if anybody out there can related to my stocking foot fetish? I'm also wondering if young men even understand this? Stockings have gone so out of modern style for so long that I don't know if younger men know the power that stockings had on us back in the day. I am sure the ladies who have worn stockings for many years understand on some level how nylon feet can turn a man on. I know you ladies have dangled your heels or dipped your feet in and out of your shoes and caught a man sneaking peeks. Thanks for letting me reminisce, here's classic scene from my youth!