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    ff, vintage RHT's. Gio's. And vintage style lingerie

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  1. Hello.

    Some new pic's posted on my profile should you wish to have a look. xxxx
  2. Loving my hair free legs

    They will be worth it. You will thank her for persuading you to try them and you will realise that evry penny was worth it !!!!! Trust me, you won't be disappointed, quite the opposite. xxxxx
  3. Loving my hair free legs

    You will LOVE the Gio's Mav !!! Just wait till you try them , unbeleivable !!!! xxxxxx
  4. Just posted some tights pic's in my gallery xxxx
  5. Where are you on the scale?

    Truly fantastic thread. Very enjoyable, quite inspirational and so reassuring in knowing that now we know we are no longer alone in the shadows. This is just the very best reason for being a member of this great forum. We are together, we're not alone and threads such as this underline that for us all. It seems that we have all had similar experiences and so it is reasonable to assume we have all had to endure similar negative feelings within ourselves over the years. But now with these shared memories we can look at ourselves and be confident we have the support of others, and be equally as confident that we do no harm, we're not strange or weird and most importantly, we have each other. We now have friends. Marvelous. And yes Jane you and everyone else are welcome to join me in my 'comfortable pigeon' hole with pleasure !!!! Thank you all ladies for being so inspirational so reassuring and above all, for just being you. xxxxxx
  6. Loving my hair free legs

    Lovely pics Mav, enjoy the feeling !!!! great pictures and lovely heels too xxxxx
  7. Shaved legs first time

    Lovely Mav. they look great and they must feel amazing now. I'm lucky to have mine shaved too, sensational feeling !!!! xxxxxx