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    Retired now. Love horse racing, motor bikes, F1, and life in general.
    Have a large interest in photography, wife is my model and has been for more than 50yrs. We drive through Europe a lot to see family. Our glass is half full, not half empty. Loved stockings all my life, great wife who indulges me, a lot.
    I would like to post pictures of her in stockings, but, she has asked me not to do so, that is why I have no gallery, at the moment. I'm working on that ! !
  • Favourite hosiery brand or style
    ff, love bronze colour, most makes.

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  1. Cuban Heel

    Just love your tenacity with backing Cuban Heal for so long, and to have many disappointments, BUT, the next outing may be the winning one ! ! ! Are you sure you don't want to continue along the same path Gazz
  2. love the fifties xx

    Lovely photo, I remember those days so well, early part of my growing up when every lady wore stockings. Gazz