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  1. A Groblet

    Thanks to you all for your kind wishes, me eyes seem a little damp, I suspect that it's that very strong pong from the stableyard. To business:- Blott kindly submit plans asap, I presume the usual discounts apply for cash. Nylon, I think now might be a good time to get his name on the list to make him a Jarl at an appropriate time in the future. Quits, it is my belief that you have an outstanding interest in maritime contruction, using left over land rover parts, a sand yacht perhaps? Altered, maybe a thesis on postmodernism as it applies to the state of the OTF, or similar? Just something light which he might read before bed. Rowlf, I think a treatise on the American way of tractor driving and duck raising would fill the bill delightfully. In all seriousness thank you all for taking the time to reply to the ramblings of a very proud new grandparent. Grumpy Ol' Git Grob
  2. A Groblet

    The Nursery Grob Towers Me dear friends. I have been despatched by the Mem with a ladder, and a large bucket of magnolia paint to, as she puts it, "refurbish," the Nursery. You, like I might wonder why? Apparently it has escaped me notice that the Youth, (our second son you will recall,) not only has married but in the way of things the lass has become pregnant and has recently presented the Youth with a successor. Naturally I have put his name down for me old school and laid down a pipe of port. The Mem has bagged the title of GrandMem, and I have been allocated the honorific, Grumpy old sod. Anyhow we have visited and viewed. I can confirm that the little blighter comes equipped with the usual accoutrements of arms, legs, fingers and so forth. I am pleased to report that at the age of 15 hours he was demonstrating talents which clearly show that he is a proto genius, onviously far ahead developmentally of any other child born, ever, and a natural for role of Air Chief Marshall if I ever saw one. Ah, the GrandMem approaches bearing a bottle of, "Friends of the Widow," and two glasses. Apparently we are to wet the babies head, not a prayer old gal, I shall quaff mine. Grob