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    I have many Interests but most of all I love womens who wear Stockings and Suspender-Belts every time!
    The Belts must have 6 or more garters with metal-clasps.
    My favourite is a V-Clip-Belt. Also I love FF-Nylons very much, specially brown and black ones.
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    Gios, Eleganti and Cervin, also Clio RHt's

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  1. Gorgeous that you post new pics again from your lovely wife - after a long time now, Rob boy!! They are fantastic - as always.
  2. Sarah thanks you for all the lovely and positive comments you make when ever we put up any new photos.

    This really encourages her.

    Best Regards

    1. Liebhaber-von-Nylons


      Many thanks for this compliment for my comments.

      I hope she will wearing in the nearly future this V-Clip belt you have bought for her - with seamed stockings....

      Best Regards, LvN(Erhard from Germany)

  3. Wonderful stockings, great tension on the straps!!
  4. Fabulous bumps again - so extremely sexy!!
  5. Wow....what a fantastic cleavage and sexy suspender bumps!!
  6. Liebhaber-von-Nylons


    Great car-shot!!
  7. Wonderful tockinged crossed legs!!
  8. Many thanks for this compliment, ChilliBoy -> it is very rarely that I became them!!
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