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    I have many Interests but most of all I love womens who wear Stockings and Suspender-Belts every time!
    The Belts must have 6 or more garters with metal-clasps.
    My favourite is a V-Clip-Belt. Also I love FF-Nylons very much, specially brown and black ones.
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    Gios, Eleganti and Cervin, also Clio RHt's

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  1. Show home showing off

    Four sensational pics - two on the bed and two on the kitchen-board. On all flashing your stockings and suspenders so fantastic - I enjoying that so much. Many thanks for sharing them!!
  2. Show home showing off

    1. Wonderful stockinged crossed legs - like this great tension from your back straps so much!! 2. Fantastic shot from the rear....well suspended stockings, sexy panty too!!
  3. Show home showing off

    mmmmmm.....what a fabulous flashing in the car....would like to sit beside you -> enjoying this fantastic view on your stockinged legs!!
  4. Donna

    I be absolutely surprised - normally need wider straps and metal-clasps. Ok, but you must know it, because you are wearing them, lol!!
  5. Show home showing off

    Have only a question at the mo, Andy & Nat: Did you put this breathtaking pics also in the Gallery or in a Album(as the other earlier pics)?? Would be much easier to commenting them all there, than here in your thread.
  6. Donna

    Great colour of your new Nylons - but I think this suspenders be too thin to held them in place during the day(only enough to take a few photos)!!
  7. Shopping in Manchester

    Really hold-ups or be it lace-tops??
  8. Weekend in Lakes

    Only that you can ask me about them!!
  9. Show home showing off

    I must say "THANK YOU" to you both, Andy & Nat!!
  10. Corset Event in Germany

    The first two Flickr links doesn't work for me, Linda!! Hope it be the same pics, which I have seen and commented already directly on Flickr in the early morning. I mean this with a red corset, V-Clip belt and bicolour seamed stockings in tan/black.
  11. Show home showing off

    OMG......Andy & Nat -> what a breathtaking set, who let me lost my words....many, many thanks for sharing!! I do commenting this outstanding pics later here in this thread or in your Gallery....
  12. Gf pics from hotel saturday

    mmmmmmmmmm...........gorgeous flashing!! More please.....
  13. Kitchen Fun

    Gorgeous "kitchen fun", mrssummertime - I would come there to make first a Breakfast for us -> and you are teasing continue for me. Fabulous black lace-top stockings, well suspended!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. First time stories

    You can started here so a story board - called: "When we wore stockings for the first time", Janek!! I find that this theme was a very good idea from you.....
  15. white dress black seams

    Sensational shot, mrs t - your fabulous legs are made for seamed stockings. Great contrast between this white dress and the black seamed stockings.....thanks for sharing!!