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    I have many Interests but most of all I love womens who wear Stockings and Suspender-Belts every time!
    The Belts must have 6 or more garters with metal-clasps.
    My favourite is a V-Clip-Belt. Also I love FF-Nylons very much, specially brown and black ones.
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    Gios, Eleganti and Cervin, also Clio RHt's

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  1. Pose for you

    Sensational Close-up!!
  2. One for weekend

    Hope you have the permission for more pics of her!!
  3. One for weekend

  4. Feet in nylon

    Great, that you go back to stockings - many thanks, alexxx1805!!
  5. Feet in nylon

    "Tights-time" at the moment, Alexxx1805??
  6. Sexy wife - 2nd pic posted

    Simply stunning!!
  7. mmmmm.....wonderful tan stockings, perfectly high up attached at your fabulous thighs - so incredible sexy pics!! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Meet my new puppy.

    Lovely photo, Mrs sandyseams!!
  9. Repost..friend

    Gorgeous shot!! Please let us see more of her(suspenders too I mean)....
  10. M5 from Cullompton to Bristol today

    Please let us see some pics!!
  11. I Still Cant Find It !!!

    Wow.....fabulous views under your skirts!! What are you looking for, leggysue??
  12. Just where you should be

    Indeed, great corset with wide straps!!
  13. D. N. O. 155 – Boxing Day 2018

    Very sexy - as always, Dayna!!
  14. Sighting or not

    OMG...that are not so good news(that all your photos have gone yesterday), but good to hear, that you will post new ones!! Many thanks for sharing, Gill.
  15. Pose for you

    mmmmmm..........well suspended stockings, especially I like the colour!! Which colour and brand they are??