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    I have many Interests but most of all I love womens who wear Stockings and Suspender-Belts every time!
    The Belts must have 6 or more garters with metal-clasps.
    My favourite is a V-Clip-Belt. Also I love FF-Nylons very much, specially brown and black ones.
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    Gios, Eleganti and Cervin, also Clio RHt's

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  1. You’re Nicked!

    Gorgeous "multistraps"-belt - well suspended seamed stockings!! Thanks forsharing!!
  2. polka dot dress

    Wonderful stockings under your polka dot skirt!!
  3. Summer Outfit Suspender Bumps

    Gorgeous suspender bumps very visible on show through your leather skirt!!
  4. It is hot!!

    Sensational photos - that's "stockings wearing" in perfection!! Like the colour of this seamed stockings and how they be this two great views under your skirt and one with showing your sexy Lingerie too. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Bending over

    Absolutely fantastic, SeamsinKent - perfectly straight seams!!
  6. Bending over

    mmmmmm......wonderful seamed stockings with a beautiful heel, well suspended!!
  7. Trying to be cool in this heat !!

    Wow, what a great teasing on the balcony - with a new suspender belt and wonderful Contrasts(I guess "natural/black") - and a gorgeous bra too!!
  8. Garden fun

    Of course I like them very much!! Wonderful see through summer-skirt, with the suspenders very visible on show -> and fantastic "skirt-liftings" to flash your stockings and suspenders, which both be perfectly worn(high up at your fabulous thighs and well suspended(I guess it be a 8-strap belt)!! Thanks for sharing this next pics.
  9. my new contrast seems

    Wonderful bicolor seamed stockings, well suspended!! Gorgeous photos -> hope it following a few more. Thank for sharing.
  10. Birthday

    Have send you a message - but I will saying here again: Happy Birthday to you!!
  11. Bending over

    OMG......wht a gorgeous "bending over"-shot -> wonderful "chocolate" seamed stockings(point heel) - perfectly high up attached at your fabulous thighs and well suspended!! Great heels too.
  12. Katiesheer - Ain't Nothin' But a Houndtooth Skirt

    Sensational photos from Katiesheer, UKphotographer!! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Garden fun

    Fantastic pics from your "garden fun" - she was wearing wonderful tan seamed stockings(susan heel), which be perfectly high up attached at her fabulous thighs and so well suspended!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. A nice little surprise today

    Fabulous surprise for you waiting -> you are a lucky man...enjoy it!!
  15. Bending over

    Gorgeous open panty on the rear, great wide straps too!!