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    I have many Interests but most of all I love womens who wear Stockings and Suspender-Belts every time!
    The Belts must have 6 or more garters with metal-clasps.
    My favourite is a V-Clip-Belt. Also I love FF-Nylons very much, specially brown and black ones.
  • Favourite hosiery brand or style
    Gios, Eleganti and Cervin, also Clio RHt's

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  1. Pre Dinner Drinks

    Wow, what a gorgeous dress > it is showing all what we like so much, Sue!! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Cheshire north wales meets.

    Sexy car-shot!! Did she wear sometimes also suspenders too?
  3. Lingerie

    Welcome here in this forum - great first pic with wearing lace top stockings and suspenders.............thanks for posting!! Hope it following more soon.......
  4. TWO 4 ONE

    Two gorgeous flashes with Legsontour - thanks for posting!!
  5. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Gorgeous set of pics again!!
  6. TWO 4 ONE

    mmmmmmmmmmmm.............what a gorgeous view on your stockinged thighs - thanks for sharing!!
  7. New...nervous!!!

    Can we have some more pics, please??
  8. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Gorgeous see through blouse and stockings!!
  9. New...nervous!!!

    mmmmmmmmmmm............what a great "backside"!! Please turn around to see the "frontside" too......
  10. Raiding the archives......

    Thanks for your information - they are fabulous!!
  11. Raiding the archives......

    Sensational pics!! Especially I like this stockings - what colour and brand they are??
  12. Looking for Santa

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................what a sexy adjustment from V-Clips, Jules!!
  13. on the balcony

    A great set with wearing wonderful Contrasts - thanks for sharing!!
  14. Legs crossed or uncrossed?

    The next fabulous pics from your Contrast stockings include suspenders and French knickers - many thanks for sharing!!