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  1. SHQ friends I come in peace!!! Begging for your indulgence and your wonderful words of wit and wisdom. It's said we all have an unwritten novel within us, some of the regulars here are familiar with the occasional stabs at story telling from the keyboards of myself and good friend Grob. Those who may not let me summerise, the thrilling tales of Grob & Blott Agents Mystique is really just a cover for two chaps to lampoon their selves in stories usually involving mystery and mayhem, often coming good in the end by the timely intervention of ladies who, it must be said, could have wrapped the whole thing up in their lunch break. However, I digress. The skills of authorship seen on these pages makes me sure there are many here who can not only hold their own when it comes to writing, but, have within them interesting and thought provoking stories to tell, be they complete fiction, factual or a combination of both. I'm loath to try and steer the thing in this opening gambit, hell for all I know it may be completely ignored, but i'm an optimist to the end :) Perhaps a suggestion just in case anyone decides to humour Blott the silly fool ;) Write your piece in bite sized chunks, maybe 4 or 5 paragraphs per post leaving the reader keen for more. There is no requirement to follow on from someone else's story, simply start your post with.......Meanwhile, Elsewhere or something of your own choosing. And please, please, please, please don't use this thread as yet ANOTHER snipping campaign at others here on the forum. Lets face it, there's plenty of other threads to do that on. Ladies and Gentlemen, the blank page awaits wonders from you mind. Thank You, Blott
  2. A novel, way to collaborate

    Bravo for actually getting it out of your head and published. As with most things I think books which sell very well are usually in the right place at the right time, take Rowling and her Harry Potter books as a perfect example. Coincidentally Rowlf mentions above there being no original thoughts, this too is exampled in some degree in the Potter books, i'm guessing the lady was familiar with Tolkien's work before she wrote Potter.
  3. A novel, way to collaborate

    I very much doubt we can stumble upon a never before told story line, therefore, inspiration from existing material is a given providing no copyright is infringed I guess :)
  4. Important Question.

    The overtake issue is certainly something I’ve noticed as well Violet. For the record I’ll just state I’m not the rev head I once was, so I’m confident high speed between incidents isn’t a factor. Actually you reminded me of something else, the ‘waiting at a junction’ scenario. Strangely the main road is completely clear prior to my arrival, yet once I’m ready to move onto said road a convoy arrives as if by magic.
  5. Important Question.

    In the spirt of your opening post I’ll add my Important Question. Why is it I can drive for many minutes on a straight road without another vehicle passing in the opposite direction. Yet invariably when I enter a corner another car is coming round the corner from the other way. The tighter and less visible (around) the corner the more it seems to happen. Surely the laws of coincidences would dictate meeting at various points before or after the corner as well as actually on the corner.
  6. Important Question.

    Thanks Violet for bringing a fresh topic to the forum. The slipping right bra strap conundrum is I admit nothing I’ve ever thought about. However my immediate thought having read your piece is the right/left handed question. Is it possible the dominate arm works more and thus causes the strap to slip? This assumes you are right handed of course, if you are not then so much for my theory.