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  1. F1 Grid Girls gone, what next?

    Good point. Maybe someone who is not attractive but not ugly either, who is gender neutral and doesn’t wear anything which might be thought of as provocative so no one gets ‘ideas’. So yes, a robot would be fine 😉😂
  2. Booking fees

    Following an EU ruling, adding an extra charge for payment by credit or debit card has been outlawed. Previously a company could add a charge to cover 'administration' often a percentage of the original purchase, say 1%-3% perhaps more, so for instance paying for a £3,000 holiday could easily attract an extra fee of £30-£90 Having made this ruling companies are no longer adding an extra fee dependent on the customer's choice of payment method, however, to circumvent this new restriction it seems companies, especially event ticket purchase companies have greatly increased the charge they levy as 'booking fee'. An example, First Direct Arena Leeds are requesting a £6 per person per ticket booking fee to see Paul Weller, a group booking of 4 people will naturally attract an extra fee of £24 So, an example of one rip off charge replaced by another. Would it not be much easier and totally transparent to require companies to add ALL compulsory charges into the advertised price? Now I know this would make tickets and the like look 'expensive' at first viewing, however, getting to the end of a ticket purchase and finding it's actually quite a lot more expensive than originally thought is frustrating to say the least.
  3. F1 Grid Girls gone, what next?

    Really it would be easier not to have anyone standing in front of race cars. I’m sure a number board would easily suffice and then no one would get ever so upset, plus they wouldn’t have to pay a number board. Double win
  4. Out of the frying pan?

    As far as I know you have the freedom to argue against the Government whenever you like, enjoy
  5. Out of the frying pan?

    To address your first point i'm merely suggesting the future, whatever it holds, will be best faced by a populous who are ready and willing to make a success of it. Did the Winter Olympic Athletes go to South Korea thinking, 'we'll probably win nothing and come home without any medals' or did they go there thinking, 'we'll give it the best we possibly can'. If we face the future with nothing but negative thoughts the outcome will certainly be bleak. Trying to change my words into something you wished I had actually said is arrogance indeed. You know perfectly well I didn't suggest those who want the best for the UK should leave the country. I said, those who hate the thought of a (strong and) successful Great Britain are free to move elsewhere if they so choose, our friend freedom of choice again!! Regarding your second point, I do actually agree with you. Hitler, like most insane Dictators would have come unstuck at some point, what further damage his warped dreams would have rendered had the UK fallen under his control is anybody's guess. Another counter factual event could have been a peace treaty, with the US agreeing to leave him alone if he left them alone. Another possible future would have seen the US return home and leave Russia not just in control of half of Germany, but all of Europe. Had that come to pass we would have been under extreme pressure not to speak out against our masters. Thankfully the United Kingdom wasn't defeated militarily and as such we all have freedoms to speak out if we so choose. And, at the risk of changing the subject slightly, the freedom for people to choose to 'storm' as they put it Churchill themed cafes or Rees-Mogg speeches. Something about those two incidents intrigued me and perhaps you might be able to explain it. Why when those 'activists' were so certain of their opinion and ideals did they choose to cover their faces?
  6. Out of the frying pan?

    Well you certainly seem to have gotten out of the bed on the wrong side this morning You are of course entitled to your own opinion, my opinion of your post, not much tbh but i'll address it never the less. From memory explorer1954 asked if I objected to Shechita slaughter, to put your mind at rest Alteredbhoy my position on animal slaughter is for it to be carried out in an humane manner following the laws and regulations in force in this country. Or, to quote you in a previous thread, the rule of law. Both you and I have mentioned on this forum our opinions count for little, yes it is a debating forum and we are free to say our bit providing, again, we stay within the law of public discussion. If any one of us here feels our opinion is more valid or important than the next we are free to seek election, the electorate will then decide if they wish to empower us or not. I'm curious to your comment "The jingoistic rubbish you spout about our darkest hour is just that. Rubbish." Did I mention 1940? No I did not, I mentioned the last century, meaning the British people did what they had to do to beat Germany twice. I agree the general public had little to do with those events coming to pass but had much to do with their conclusion. I can't help wondering if you feel the actions of the people of the UK opposed to Germany in the last century is a dirty topic best forgotten, plenty of people seem to be of that mindset right now. Yet how do you think the UK would be now if our forebears hadn't done what they did. Do you think you and I could openly debate on a forum, would we even be alive if (ultimately) Nazi Germany had taken control of Europe? If we were alive and spoke out against Authority we would doubtless be sent for re-education. How much painful 're-education' would you need to change your opinions completely? Luckily we are not under that level of tyranny and as such the people of the UK voted in a legitimate referendum and choose to leave the EU. You say 'people like me' (the majority) jumped on a perceived negative. I suspect every OUT voter had their own reasons, mine was simple, I felt and still feel the UK is better off out of an EU which is destined to implode. You say 'We have got ourselves into this predicament. We can chose to extricate ourselves if we wish.' We can also choose to make a success of the future as a united unit, sure some people are only happy when they are moaning, life is full of people who are quick to moan but slow to come up with solutions. For those who hate the idea of a successful united Great Britain they are of course free to make a new life away from the country, but I suspect they wont they'll stay here and try to throw a spanner in the works at every opportunity as some people are just vindictive like that. You'll notice Alterdbhoy I did not refer to your words as nonsense and rubbish. You are free to use those words against my writing if you wish to cast yourself and your opinion as the only valid and credible opinion on SHQ Off Topic.
  7. Out of the frying pan?

    What I approve of or disapprove of is of no concequence as, like most here I have no authority in the decision making to be done in the future. I am confident we in the UK have very robust standards which will require importers to equal if they can. If they can’t then those elected to represent the people will be required to act in the best interests of the UK. However, that should be seen as a positive not a negative as the country will be able to steer a direction which suits the UK not many other countries who have different ideas of what is and isn’t acceptable. The UK is set on a course which will no doubt be bumpy at times, yet I’m also confident the country has people of grit and determination to ride out the bumps and make a success of it for everyone. Jumping on any perceived negative isn’t helpful to anyone, finding problems and then finding a solution is the way forward. In the darkest days of the last century the people of the UK found a way to succeed, I refuse to believe their children and grandchildren have forgotten how to do the same thing when put to the test.
  8. Out of the frying pan?

    I haven’t read the article referred to but from reading the above I’d suggest the UK actually has some of the strongest and tightest regulations in the world where food and animal welfare are concerned. That being the case I’d further suggest any trade deal with ANY importer to the UK would require the importer to prove their standards are at least close to ours if not equal too. This would of course include the EU who I assume advocates the use of Halal slaughter which many in the UK consider to be akin to animal cruelty. It will be interesting in the future to see just how many other nations match our existing standards. An easy way to suspect they don’t is if they can import to the UK over thousands of miles cheaper than the product can be produced here. Coal from Columbia being one such product!!!
  9. Booking fees

    Totally agree John S and Gov will be disinclined to do anything because any extra charges added will transfer to extra revenue and therefore a greater tax take on the company's profits. Being a Yorkshire chap and contrary to popular belief i don't actually mind spending money however, I do object to being blatantly ripped off and as such will elect not to make a purchase in cases where added fees are clearly there as an extra revenue stream and do not serve the purpose they are supposed too. I find it interesting the Gov and the media made such a fuss about the removal of card transactions fees while watching other added fees increase the very next day.