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  1. Death of Elvis Presley

    A very reasonable question asking why so many celebrities fall by the wayside so young. Firstly I think they encounter unimaginable wealth which nothing can prepare them for and as such spend on trying to get to the next level. Whatever that level is either real or imagined. Secondly, for those who have attained celebrity status through their own hard work and talent. I feel they are often in the genius ranks and as such something about being so gifted and talented has a flip side, a self destruct button if you like which kicks in before they have learnt how to live with their abilities. A classic case comes to mind when I think of Kurt Cobain, a guy who single handedly brought about a new genre of music yet for his own reasons felt the world would be a better place without him, very sad. Sure there are loads who make it though to a grand old age, Paul McCartney to name just one. But the young genius's out there seem often to lose their way in their 20's.