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  1. A novel, way to collaborate

    As it was my idea i'd better lead by example, here is the opening chapter of something which was zipping about in my mind. As ever, don't judge a book by it's cover as few things are as they immediately seem :) A leaf from the oak tree across the road detached from it’s branch, hovered for a moment then fell spiraling towards the ground. Seconds before it landed a gust took it up into the air, high, high, higher. Up above the mother oak tree until a counter wind took control and blew it high across the road, the leaf paused, suspended in time for only a few moments before it fell again settling on a red pan tile roof. There it would spend many days slowly decomposing until a rain shower washed it into the gutter and away into the city drains never to be seen again. Below the roof was an attic room, bare, dusty, and unused. Below the attic a bedroom, the curtains were drawn a human shape lay under a duvet sleeping, he had only been in the bed an hour when the mobile phone on the bedside cabinet sprang into shrill life requiring the sleeping man to wake and answer it. The incessant shrill repeating ring of the phone brought John to wakefulness; he rose on one elbow, winced from the pain in his shoulder, sat up reached for the phone and answered it. The voice on the phone wasted no time with pleasantries; it was a male voice, a very slight Liverpudlian accent almost hidden by the owner’s many years in private education. The voice simply said, 56 St.Andrews Mews, ASAP. The phone line went dead. On autopilot John changed the dressing on his shoulder, put on a shirt, trousers, socks and pants. He pushed his feet into a pair of brogues and quickly laced them, grabbing his jacket he only stopped briefly to pick up the thing which looked to the entire world like a briefcase. Taking his car keys out of his jacket pocket he was on the pavement outside his home in less than 3 minutes from when the phone call had ended. The car engine was still warm; it had been switched off less than two hours ago. His walk to the car was interrupted as he passed a small group of women walking towards him. Having seen John walking towards them the women had looked at each other and conversed in whispers. One of the women, the ring leader of their gang if you like didn’t bother lowering her voice. Here he is again, Mr Strange, where is he going in such a hurry, never a word for his neighbours, keeps himself to himself, coming and going at all hours of the day and night. John had moved off the pavement and into the gutter to pass the women, as he unlocked his car he heard the loud mouthed woman’s final words as he was closing the car door. Something not right about him, my Danny said he saw him with a pair of those binoculars the other day. Now who would he be watching in our street with a pair of binoculars, fucking pervert he is, that’s right Mr you’re a wrong’un you are. John guided the car out of the street and onto the main road. He was used to people thinking the worse of him. Arriving at 56 St Andrew’s Mews he left the car and walked up the path to the front door. The door wasn’t locked; he let himself in and checked the ground floor rooms. Carefully making his way up the stairs he made sure not to put undue pressure on any one step. Passing the open door to the bathroom his hand fell on to a bedroom door handle. He slowly turned the handle and eased the door open. Standing in the door way he looked into the bedroom and his heart skipped a beat, a slow smile played across his mouth the result of that which his eyes were viewing.
  2. A novel, way to collaborate

    Excellent!!!!! I wager you have 5 novels in you let alone 5 paragraphs. I’m intrigued to the fiction whirling around in people’s brains just waiting to spill out. Now doesn’t that sound like a trashy horror novel hehe
  3. A novel, way to collaborate

    Bravo for actually getting it out of your head and published. As with most things I think books which sell very well are usually in the right place at the right time, take Rowling and her Harry Potter books as a perfect example. Coincidentally Rowlf mentions above there being no original thoughts, this too is exampled in some degree in the Potter books, i'm guessing the lady was familiar with Tolkien's work before she wrote Potter.
  4. A novel, way to collaborate

    I very much doubt we can stumble upon a never before told story line, therefore, inspiration from existing material is a given providing no copyright is infringed I guess :)
  5. SHQ friends I come in peace!!! Begging for your indulgence and your wonderful words of wit and wisdom. It's said we all have an unwritten novel within us, some of the regulars here are familiar with the occasional stabs at story telling from the keyboards of myself and good friend Grob. Those who may not let me summerise, the thrilling tales of Grob & Blott Agents Mystique is really just a cover for two chaps to lampoon their selves in stories usually involving mystery and mayhem, often coming good in the end by the timely intervention of ladies who, it must be said, could have wrapped the whole thing up in their lunch break. However, I digress. The skills of authorship seen on these pages makes me sure there are many here who can not only hold their own when it comes to writing, but, have within them interesting and thought provoking stories to tell, be they complete fiction, factual or a combination of both. I'm loath to try and steer the thing in this opening gambit, hell for all I know it may be completely ignored, but i'm an optimist to the end :) Perhaps a suggestion just in case anyone decides to humour Blott the silly fool ;) Write your piece in bite sized chunks, maybe 4 or 5 paragraphs per post leaving the reader keen for more. There is no requirement to follow on from someone else's story, simply start your post with.......Meanwhile, Elsewhere or something of your own choosing. And please, please, please, please don't use this thread as yet ANOTHER snipping campaign at others here on the forum. Lets face it, there's plenty of other threads to do that on. Ladies and Gentlemen, the blank page awaits wonders from you mind. Thank You, Blott