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  1. Nissan X Trail

    I've never once mentioned Project Fear.....look back if you like but you'll be looking for a long time. Clearly Nissan have used the word Brexit as part of their reasoning, for their own reasons they kept the other points of business out of the press. However, the points I made are correct re big diesel and, as far as I know the car in question or at least the new model isn't being made yet, so it's not a case of pulling it, it's a case of shifting it's manufacture elsewhere for multiple reasons, 1 of which they've linked to Brexit. That's as far as i'm willing to meet you halfway, which is something i'm happy to do in these debates, but, I seem to be the only one who is willing to meet in the middle more often than not.
  2. Nissan X Trail

    It's not to late to instigate a 2nd referendum, that is one of the few things the EU would grant extra time for.
  3. Nissan X Trail

    Incidentally, CO2 emissions. Japan 5th, 1141 million metric tonnes and going up it seems UK 15th, 389 million metric tonnes and going down it seems Environmental considerations only seem to count when it suits, the fact the UK is doing well but at a cost where others are doing poorly but at a lesser costs. Another business reason I suspect.
  4. Nissan X Trail

    Nissan ARE NOT PULLING EVERYTHING OUT OF THE UK which bit of that do you not understand? Nissan are making the BIG DIESEL UNIT IN JAPAN because they know the green loons are trying to kill........big diesel units, which bit of that do you not understand? Honda ARE PULLING OUT AND DON'T BLAME BREXIT Nissan ARE PULLING ONE UNIT OUT AND MERELY MENTION BREXIT AS A SIDE ISSUE It's you who can not bring yourself to accept the plain facts above, you NEED to find something, some detail to blame on Brexit, that is your prejudice.
  5. Nissan X Trail

    Fair play, for different reasons you and I would like to see the UK remain in the EU. I want a 2nd ref, which is the only immediate way for it to happen, why don't you want a 2nd ref?
  6. Nissan X Trail

    See above, your prejudices are clouding your mind old friend.
  7. Nissan X Trail

    Moreover, when you look deeper into it Nissan are moving production of the X-Trail SUV to Japan. Other models made in Sunderland will continue to be made there. Nissan are aware the market for large diesel powered units in Europe is falling and will continue to do so. Honda are the one's who are pulling out altogether and as you say, haven't blamed Brexit for their choice.
  8. Nissan X Trail

    NOT HELPING COMPANIES LIKE OURS PLAN FOR THE FUTURE....hardly a bombshell Brexit is the cause of us moving out. No mention of the business reasons at all which must be more than 1 because the guy said, reasons. It's weak, very weak. It's using Brexit as a one size fits all scapegoat.
  9. Nissan X Trail

    And, for the thousandth time i'll say again. At the point of Leave winning the ref I was full of hope for the future, I felt there was sufficient people of metal in this country to make it a success. I felt the politicians were capable of delivering Brexit in a fair and friendly way. I felt they could talk to the world and say, we will buy your products, we will make you wealthy because we buy lots of things as we are one of the richest countries in the world (20th apparently). However, we will require fair and friendly terms in return. It seems none of the above can come true, the politicians are useless, the Remain people have proved beyond doubt they are spiteful, having lost the ref they have done all in their power to weaken the country, all in the name of......i'm not sure what tbh, spite springs to mind yet again. I have said on numerous occasions here, I hope we have a 2nd ref (you have stated you don't want one) where i'm confident Remain will win. That is my position, however, I will continue to post calling out people who are slack, trying to blame anything and everything on Brexit.
  10. Nissan X Trail

    I didn't catch the press report from Nissan categorically saying Brexit is a MAJOR factor, by that I mean a greater factor than any other as your post above suggests. Please link it here if you will.
  11. Nissan X Trail

    As you said the other day. Look in the mirror AB. The guy speaking on the BBC was clearly a Remain supporter however, as much as he tried to spin it he was forced to admit the EU deal dispensed with the ‘need’ to manufacture in the EU. We all know manufacturing can be done much cheaper elsewhere in the world. You know, places where workers rights, conditions, pay awards aren’t top of the agenda (wasn’t that one of the main points of Labour sometime ago). Add to that environmental damage etc etc and manufacture suddenly becomes much cheaper elsewhere. Once the EU in their wisdom removes import duties lol, well done guys shot in foot once more. Infact, is it any surprise manufacturing is moving away from Europe when we bang on about banning diesel engines (what are trucks going to run on, petrol) half of the car makers power units are diesel. But of course once these things leave Europe/the EU it’s no concern of ours anymore, according to posts you’ve made in the past anyway.
  12. Nissan X Trail

    According to an interview on the BBC today, the recent deal done by the EU with Japan means they no longer need to manufacture in the EU to get around the tax/duty/import charges which were there previously. This if true, seems a very good reason for the Japanese car firms to take production to a cheaper elsewhere. And since this deal has been in the pipeline for (I think) 7 years it's presumably got bugger all too do with Brexit. Although mentioning Brexit along side any negative press release does of course play straight into the hands of those with certain prejudices.
  13. Gang of seven

    3 Tory MP’s have now joined the Independent Group. My crystal ball is working well it seems....hey AB & Dappi Now for the lotto numbers lol.
  14. Gang of seven

    Last I heard they had no plans to join with the LibDems but who knows, one thing they will need to do is form a party or they'll just be seen as a group of independent MP's much the same as any other independent MP in the Commons. If they are now 8 it'll be interesting to see if an MP from another party joins them. Good luck I say.
  15. Gang of seven

    Well I know this is the Off Topic, but we've made a real success of not talking about the 7 defectors in more than 2 pages already. Bravo us