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  1. Thought I'd start a new thread showing off my stockinged legs. Hope you all like? A x
  2. Hi Guys, We're in London this weekend, staying in Richmond. Of course I want to have my usual fun and games with a bit of flashing, mainly upskirt with the neccessary stockings/tights and some downblouse. I've even bought a new wrap around dress that will be amazing when the breeze catches it. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any bars restaurants etc where I can easily indulge and accident of course ? Makes it a little easier for me if that spiral staircase in a pub allows everyone in the place to have a good look up my dress, not that it will need much encouragement as the wrap doesnt overlap that much. Hope to hear from you guys with some suggestions...anywhere in the London area really. I'll post pictures next week. Ax